From Hell To Veins

February 9, 2012

Big Pharma, Big Media Uses FEAR & The Super Bowl To Push Dangerous Vaccines.




Isn’t the definition of TERRORISM USING FEAR AND INTIMIDATION TO GET WHAT A TERRORIST WANTS? Keep that in mind when reading this.

You know times are getting tough for the vaccine pushers when they’ve got to stoop to this level of BS. I guess they figure the public is stupid enough to fall for it.

The first report to come out of Indiana was that a person “with worst possible viral strain of measles” was on the loose at the Super Bowl village. So, the corporate media with financial ties to these very vaccine pushers, launch an ‘armageddon’ headline “100’S OF THOUSANDS MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO SUPER MEASLES VIRUS AT THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Upon further review, it was later reported that this SO-CALLED infected individual never was at the Super Bowl Village. Which puts question marks into the ENTIRE STORY. However, they still used this absurd media fear factor extravaganza to PUSH DANGEROUS VACCINES.

One lie leads to more lies. The article above goes on to say that there are NO adverse reactions from the MMR vaccine WHEN THE INSERT THAT COMES WITH THE VACCINE ITSELF SAYS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! Also, if you believe the article when it tells you that, in NO WAY is autism caused by these vaccines. I strongly suggest you LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS IN THIS MMR AND OTHER VACCINES. You’ll see that they, in fact, contain heavy metals and chemicals that you can then look up what these heavy metals do to you at the EPA’s own website. What these heavy metals and chemicals can do to you mimics exactly what occurs when someone is suffering from Autism!! This, WHEN SIMPLY COMING IN CONTACT WITH IT. WHAT DOES IT DO WHEN IT’S INJECTED INTO YOUR VEINS AND MIXED WITH THE OTHER TOXIC INGREDIENTS!!!?

One other question to the so-called ‘health AUTHORITIES’ (I thought that they were public ‘SERVANTS’) who are behind this fear based medicine show, is that, if this was a rare “super virus” does the MMR vaccine even work for such a ‘super’ virus in the first place?

The good news is, if you come in contact with someone with a measles virus YOU DO NOT NEED A VACCINE TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THIS NON LETHAL (IN ALMOST ALL CASES) DISEASE.

Learn About The Triangle Of Disease And How To Fight / Prevent it!
Listen to ‘NUTRITIONAL’ Pharmacist Ben Fuchs audio archives on the triangle of disease.
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs does NOT endorse big pahrma medication ONLY in emergencies and short term. Below is Pharmacist Ben Fuchs various websites. He is a ‘nutritional’ pharmacist. Please listen to his radio broadcasts and podcasts (linked above) on the internet and learn a great deal about how the body fights disease.

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