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January 12, 2012

Dr. Wakefield Files Defamation Lawsuit

The house of cards is beginning to crumble on big pharma, their partner in crime, big media and, the so-called ‘skeptics’ that do their bidding on the entire Wakefield issue. The latest ‘exoneration’ SHOULD only build steam for the Wakefiled lawsuit. That is, if the Wakefield suit gets it’s day in court.
Editorial by Jenny McCarthy: MMR Doctor Exonerated—Who’s Guilty Now?
By Jenny McCarthy
March 16, 2012

The parent autism community is buzzing with excitement over a ruling by a British judge clearing Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s colleague and co-author of all charges against him that arose from a study of the relationship between gut disease, autism, and the MMR vaccine.

Judge John Mitting’s conclusion, from an appeal by the highly respected pediatric gastroenterologist Prof. John Walker-Smith, stated:

“…both on general issues and the Lancet paper and in relation to individual children, the panel’s overall conclusion that Professor Walker-Smith was guilty of serious professional misconduct was flawed…The panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.”

Professor Walker-Smith was Andrew Wakefield’s co-author on a highly controversial study published in the medical journal The Lancet in 1998. Most of the controversy stemmed from the reporting by the co-authors that many of the parents in the study claimed that their children regressed into autism after receiving the MMR vaccine.

For parents of children with autism, this whole mess has always been a bit of a head-scratcher. The Lancet study’s conclusion that children with autism suffer from bowel disease is something any autism parent could easily confirm, and MMR, by far, has been the vaccine most commonly cited by parents as a trigger for a regression into autism. In my travels, I have heard the same story from parents about MMR leading to regression thousands of times.

In Britain, The General Medical Council is in charge of licensing and regulating doctors. Their 2010 “trial” of Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues was the longest in GMC history, lasting 217 days, and concluded by revoking the medical licenses of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Prof Walker-Smith. At the time, Dr. Wakefield spoke of the injustice that Judge Mitting has now confirmed:

“It seemed to me that they had come to this decision a long time ago, long before the evidence was fairly heard. This is the way the system deals with dissent. You isolate, discredit and provide an example to other doctors and scientists not to get involved in this kind of thing. That is examining questions of vaccine safety.”

Now what? If the foundation of the proof that the MMR does not trigger autism is crumbling, what in the world are parents supposed to believe? If Professor Walker-Smith is not guilty on all charges, will Dr. Wakefield be next? The Canary Party’s press release explains:

“While John Walker-Smith received funding to appeal the GMC decision from his insurance carrier, his co-author Andrew Wakefield did not — and was therefore unable to mount an appeal in the high court. This year, however, Dr. Wakefield, who now conducts his research in the US, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee and the British Medical Journal for falsely accusing him of ‘fraud.’ The suit is currently underway in Texas, where Wakefield now lives.”

I think I’m really happy today–it’s great to see justice finally served. At the same time, have parents been given false information? Are decisions being made by parents based on headlines that may prove inaccurate? Is it possible vaccines are in fact dangerous for our most fragile kids?

If Dr. Wakefield and Prof. Walker-Smith have been found not guilty, who are the guilty parties? Mark Blaxill, chairman of the Canary Party, offers up his thoughts:

“Though justice has finally prevailed for Prof. Walker-Smith, the damage done to him and his colleagues has been incalculable. The UK government must investigate the corruption in the GMC, which has severely damaged the reputations of good, honest doctors. Most of all, it’s outrageous that Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been vilified by government officials, vaccine manufacturers and physician organizations, and that the media has accepted these unfounded accusations uncritically.”

I don’t know the answers to all these questions. Unfortunately, the GMC’s decision to turn Dr. Wakefield and Prof. Walker-Smith’s paper into a three-ring circus has put a chill on research into all the possible environmental causes of autism. Will this finally open the floodgates?

We need answers, and we need them now. Millions of children remain at risk. For one day, at least, it feels like some justice has been served.


Dr. Wakefield will have his day in court, HOPEFULLY.

We all saw how the federal ‘courts’ in the Untied States handled Jessy Ventura’s lawsuit against the TSA. Jessy Ventura was NEVER GIVEN ONE DAY IN A COURT ROOM. Which is a huge violation of OUR rights in the US under the US constitution. YES!! The US federal courts violated ALL of our rights when Ventura’s right to a FAIR day in court was denied. Question begs to be asked… Will Dr. Andrew Wakefield get his day in court? Or, will the same judicial system that kept Ventura’s case out of court keep Wakefield’s case from EVER seeing a day in court as well?

The Defendants:
The British Medical Journal (the media / medical industry)
Journalist Brian Deer (the media)
Dr. Fiona Godlee (medical industry / media)

What the Wakefield Lawsuit Means If The Suit Goes Through And Wakefield Wins:
I see this as a case MUCH BIGGER than Dr. Wakefiled himself.

If Dr. Wakefield wins it would be a huge blow to the main stream media that aided and abetted KNOWN FALSE accusations against Dr. Wakefield. The lawsuit would PROVE IN COURT that the actions of the defendants keeping FACTS from Dr. Wakefiled et al research relevant to the public’s health & safety PURPOSELY out of the public record by means of defaming Dr. Wakefield in the process would be A GROSS VIOLATION OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND TRUST. This, on top of ruining a professional career and a person’s individual well being in the process.

Facts From the Suit:
Click link below for copy of suit.

Brian Deer falsified data.

Defaming statements by both the BMJ and Brian Deer were based off of KNOWN falsified data. This is where Dr. Godlec aided and abetted these false alligations against Dr. Wakefild by publishing defaming articles to collaborate Deers false and CORRUPTED allegations.

Dr. Wakefield presents the ‘facts’ in the lawsuit provided in pdf form linked to in this article.

This is not a hard case for Dr. Wakefield et al to prove in the Texas court. The Texas court HAS jurisdiction over the defendants since their fraud WAS perpetuated not only in Texas BUT, all across America by the corporate media and the internet.

If Wakefield wins his lawsuit an investigation of a coverup needs to be done ASAP where another lawsuit can be field against the parties this fraud was covering up for.

I’ve been monitoring internet communication on the filing of this lawsuit by Dr. Wakefield. What I noticed was very PREDICTABLE.

Friends of the corporate established media and the pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex have come out in a firestorm trying to defend the ‘OFFICIAL LIE’ as they always do. In this case the lying of Brian Deer et al.

Who are these people? The core of the people ‘leading the charge’ are ‘self described’ skeptics. The problem is that they really are NOT ‘TRUE SKEPTICS’. A ‘true skeptic’ would be a skeptic of ALL sides of an issue. These so-called skeptic groups are lead by people who ALWAYS are one sidedly skeptical and, THAT SIDE ALWAYS TOWS THE CORPORATE / BIG GOVERNMENT LINE. Always, without fail!

That, by itself, should make ANY INDEPENDENT THINKER a skeptic of the skeptic movement itself. These so-called ‘skeptics’ either, NEVER present their ‘skepticism’ from a point of view that looks at ALL the evidence on BOTH SIDES or, they ONLY look at the ‘weakest’ argument and NOT all the others. They typically just defend the corporate / government ‘officaildom’ on one hand while going ‘ape’ being a skeptic on the opposite issue with NO BALANCE of skepticism what-so-ever.

There is plenty of valid documentation that both corporate and government entities employ a great number of ‘hacks’ out there on the internet to do their bidding for them in the court of public opinion and, it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out that the leaders of these so-called skeptic websites are nothing more than paid for hacks. Paid to tow the corporate / corporate-government line, and if you really understood ‘what it would mean if Wakefield wins his suit’ then, it’s easy to understand the all out attack on his lawsuit by these ‘hacks’ out here on the internet.

January 11, 2012

The Alternative Media Is Taking Down Big Pharma. Big Pharma Backs SOPA To Kill Free Speech.

There is NO debate what-so-ever that the alternative media is putting a huge dent not only into the profit margins of the large pharmaceutical companies BUT, that’s not all. What really has big pharma hop’n mad is that the information and choice that people now have, thanks to the internet, ‘removed the spell’, so-to-speak, that people have been under, where ONLY big pharma drugs and treatments can heal you from illness, disease and the big one, cancer. People are finding alternatives AND preventive measures over the internet THAT WORK and the large pharmaceutical companies won’t stand for that.

Big pharma, that makes up the main body of people at the FDA, have used that ‘unelected by the people’ bureaucratic office to shut down so many ‘truly healthy’ entities ranging from raw almond production to the ability of blue berry producers RIGHT to present the science FACTS of blue berries healthy impact on the human body, while on the other hand, ALWAYS green lighting dangerous and EXPERIMENTAL drugs. The examples of how big pharma’s ‘VERY OWN’ FDA restricting Americans healthy alternatives to dangerous pharmaceuticals are too numerous to list in this article but, are in abundance both sourced and documented ON LINE that it would take weeks to read about it all.

That brings us back to the topic at hand, the internet and, big pharma doing their part in TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO READ THAT INFORMATION SO YOU CAN MAKE AN INFORMED CHOICE. Part of that plan is to gain control of the internet so those with vested interest can wipe out websites like this one with no judge, no jury, simply by going to (in the case of USA) a federal attorneys office with a ‘FRIVOLOUS’ complaint. This has actually already happened. The bill(s) would make it much harder for the innocent to seek retribution.

I will provide a list of ALL the sighers of SOPA and it’s counter part bill ‘Protect IP’ but, it must be known that this internet killing political / corporate machine is centered within the music / entertainment industries. Big pharma interests (across the board) have merely signed onto it in IN THE GUESE OF ON-LINE PRESCRIPTION ISSUES.

Below is a video of internet law experts who can explain what this bill ‘really is’ AND ‘really could do’ to the internet.

Quite frankly, it’s hard to feel sorry for big pharma who will charge an 800% mark up on prescription pharmaceuticals with NO oversight. YET, the same den of thieves / pit of vipers are all hissing in chorus when their drugs are being sold in the black market for a 200% mark up.

Here is the FIRST list of companies tied to this internet killing bill. Note, if you research ALL of these companies in the first group that signed onto these bills, ALL the pharmaceutical companies are tied to these bills through an association to those companies that signed on, in one form or another. Specially Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America & International Pharmaceutical Federation which really connects ALL of them to the free speech killing bills.

Group 1 Big Pharma backed companies.

Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP)

Pfizer, Inc

American Pharmacists Association*
European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines
Eli Lilly & Company*
International Pharmaceutical Federation
Wolters Kluwer Health (Information on Pharmaceuticals)
National Association of Chain Drug Stores*
Enforce the Act
Partnership at

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
National Health Council
Partnership for Safe Medicines
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
Group 2

Almost ALL the companies signed on to this on-line free speech killing legislation are multi national / large corporations. Shame on all of them. These should ALL be boycotted. Go Daddy lost over 70,000 accounts stemming from angry customers for supporting these bills. That message FORCED Go Daddy to withdraw it’s name from the bill. Similar pressure needs to be put on the rest of these large companies. Each large company has it’s own vested interest to kill the open internet and take it over for THIER OWN PERSONAL GAIN. This legislation is simply yet another HOSTLE CORPORATE TAKEOVER attempt by large corporations assisted by their partner in crime BIG GOVERNMENT.

Complete list from Congress.

List of Supporters: H.R. 3261, the
Stop Online Piracy Act

60 Plus Association

ABCAlliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP)

American Federation of Musicians (AFM)

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)Americans for Tax ReformArtists and Allied Crafts of the United States

Association of American Publishers (AAP)Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies

Association of Talent Agents (ATA)Baker & Hostetler LLPBeachbody, LLC

BMIBMG ChrysalisBuilding and Construction Trades DepartmentCapitol Records NashvilleCBSCengage LearningChristian Music Trade Association
Church Music Publishers’ Association
Coalition Against Online Video Piracy (CAOVP)Comcast/NBCUniversal

Concerned Women for America (CWA)

Congressional Fire Services InstituteCopyhype

Copyright Alliance

Coty, Inc.Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB)

Council of State Governments

Country Music Association

Country Music Television

Covington & Burling LLPCowan,

DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLPCowan,

Liebowitz & Latman,

P.C.Creative America

Davis Wright Tremaine LLPDeluxe

Directors Guild of America (DGA)

Disney Publishing Worldwide, Inc.ElsevierEMI Christian Music GroupEMI Music PublishingESPNEstée Lauder CompaniesFraternal Order of Police (FOP)

Go Daddy

Gospel Music AssociationGraphic Artists GuildHachette Book GroupHarperCollins Publishers Worldwide, Inc.HyperionIndependent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA)

International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE)

International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)

International Trademark Association (INTA)

International Union of Police Associations

Irell & Manella

LLPJenner & Block

LLPKelley Drye & Warren

LLPKendall Brill & Klieger

LLPKinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP

Lathrop & Gage LLPLoeb & Loeb LLPLost Highway RecordsMacmillanMajor County Sheriffs

Major League Baseball

Majority City Chiefs

Marvel Entertainment,

LLCMasterCard Worldwide

MCA RecordsMcGraw-Hill Education

Mercury Nashville

Minor League Baseball (MiLB)

Minority Media & Telecom Council (MMTC)

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

Morrison & Foerster LLP

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

Moving Picture Technician


The Association of Magazine MediaNational Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators

National Association of State Chief Information Officers

National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)National Center for Victims of Crime

National Crime Justice Association

National District Attorneys Association

National Domestic Preparedness Coalition

National Football LeagueNational Governors Association, Economic Development and Commerce CommitteeNational League of Cities
National Narcotics Offers’ Associations’ Coalition

National Sheriffs

Association (NSA)

National Songwriters Association

National Troopers Coalition

News CorporationPatterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLPPearson EducationPenguin Group (USA), Inc.Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

Phillips Nizer, LLPPfizer, Inc.

Proskauer Rose LLP

Provident Music GroupRandom HouseRaulet

Property Partners

Republic Nashville


Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP

Scholastic, Inc.Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Shearman & Sterling LLP

Showdog Universal Music

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLPS

ony/ATV Music PublishingSony Music Entertainment

Sony Music NashvilleState International Development Organization (SIDO)

The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)

The Perseus Books Groups

The United States Conference of Mayors

Tiffany & Co.

Time Warner

4Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

UMG Publishing Group Nashville

United States Chamber of Commerce

United States Tennis Association

Universal Music

Universal Music Publishing Group


Visa, Inc.

W.W. Norton & Company

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Nashville

White & Case LLP

Wolters Kluewer Health

Word Entertainment

January 8, 2012

UK’s FOIA Uncovers Vaccine Coverup / False Accusations Of Parents

Editors Note:
In the UK, mother of MMR vaccine injury victim Katie Stephen was determined to uncover the TRUTH about the MMR vaccine that injured her daughter. Using the UK’s version of the ‘Freedom Of Information Act’ this mother not only uncovered that the MMR vaccine was indeed DANGEROUS but, she uncovered the FACTS that the UK government known of those dangers and allowed the vaccine to keep it’s license anyway. If that wasn’t bad enough, she also discovered that PARENTS WE FALSELY ACCUSED for the injuries caused by the MMR vaccine AS A WAY TO DISTRACT FROM THE REAL CULPRITS OF THESE CHILDREN’S DIMISE CAUSED BY THE VACCINE!

It is important to note that the powers that be and, the drug companies, have pulled similar garbage here in the United States. The truth concerning the polio vaccine and SV-40 cancer virus is BUT ONE example in similarity to this latest discovery in the UK.

This report ALSO exposes the corruption at UNICEF. UNICEF has its ‘founders’ roots entrenched deeply into the ‘eugenics religion’. UNICEF is one of the most corrupt globalist created wrecking balls on humanity, window dressed as a ‘loving & caring’ organization. Super eugenists Bill an Melinda Gates fund and direct this corrupt cesspit of an organization.
Freedom Of Information Request Reveals Major Government Vaccine Conspiracy

By Christina England | January 3rd, 2012

Sometimes the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act provides us with a little gem. Thanks to Wendy Stephen the mother of MMR victim Katie Stephen. [1] sending in a FOI request on an unrelated topic, I am now able to prove that Munchausen by Proxy expert Prof Roy Meadow was involved in government meetings discussing vaccinations and adverse reactions for a total of 5 years, from 1987 – 1991 inclusive. These meetings were held during the most crucial period in vaccination history when the MMR vaccine Pluserix was being used. The meetings were with the ARVI (Adverse Reactions to Vaccinations and Immunizations), CSM (Committee for the Safety of Medicine), the ARVI and the JCVI (Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunization) and finally the CSM and the ARVI. Shortly after this time accusations of MSBP soared especially after parents complained that their child had been injured by a vaccine.

(Pluserix was introduced in 1988 and banned in 1992)


Before I provide the details of exactly what we have discovered and what this discovery means, I will give a brief history. Psychologist and autism expert Lisa Blakemore-Brown was and still is one of the most influential professionals the world has ever seen when it comes to vaccines being linked to falsely labeling parents with Munchausen by Proxy; the problem is few really recognized her true genius and of those who did, some, sought to destroy her career and reputation.

As early as 1995/1996 Blakemore-Brown suspected two powerful and influential men, Dr David Southall and Professor Roy Meadow were involved in researching adverse reactions to vaccines. She believed that they then used their knowledge and influence to falsely accuse parents of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) after a vaccine injury had occurred.

(Munchausen by Proxy is a diagnosis given to a mother or care giver who appears to be presenting a healthy child to the medical profession saying that their child is ill.)

Due to paperwork that I now have and my own research I have been left in little doubt that Blakemore-Brown was right on all counts.


A short while back I exposed what Southall had been up to.[2] I proved with evidence that Southall had been writing papers on children dying after vaccines as early as 1987 and between 1993 and 1995 Southall was consultant health advisor to UNICEF in the former Yugoslavia. This was just after Pluserix was banned in the UK whilst keeping the UK license. UNICEF was one of the vaccines takers after the ban.

Meadow rose to fame in 1977 when he wrote a controversial paper on Munchausen by Proxy for the Lancet. The paper entitled ‘The Hinterland of Child Abuse’ [3] gives two highly suspect case studies as “evidence” of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy existence. The paper was deemed problematic by many because the second case study describes a child presenting with excessive sodium in the blood. During Meadow’s discussion he discloses that this child was force-fed 20 g of sodium, with difficulty, by himself and his colleagues. Sadly the child died!

In 2005 Blakemore-Brown revealed papers that she had received through FOI (Freedom of Information) which proved that Prof Meadow had been involved in meetings with ARVI, a sub group of the JCVI devised to specifically look at adverse reactions to vaccines.[4] This was in 1987, 1988 and 1989.

The papers I now have prove that he was involved in many more.

Wendy Stephen’s emailed me several documents on an unrelated topic including documents entitled ‘Annual Reports 1989, 1990 and 1991’[5] when I searched through them I noticed that Meadow’s name cropped up again and again. Intrigued I delved deeper and was surprised to discover just how many meetings this man had attended. I was particularly interested because up until this time I had only seen Meadow’s name in meetings held during 1987, 1988 and 1989.


The years 1989, 1990 and 1991 were crucial years in UK’s vaccination history because the MMR vaccine, Pluserix, was being used. The Pluserix vaccine containing the Urabe mumps strain manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline had been banned in Canada under the name Trivirix in 1988. Suddenly that same year with the new name Pluserix it was introduced into the UK by the JCVI. Four years later however, in 1992 it was banned in the UK after it was revealed that children developed many life threatening adverse reactions after receiving this vaccine. [6]

During the meetings that Meadow attended the committee’s discussed the wide range of adverse reactions that children were suffering after being given this vaccine. These included mumps, deafness, seizures meningitis, encephalitis and death. Despite life threatening adverse reactions the committee members decided the vaccine would keep its UK license even though they were banning its use in the UK.

A UK license attached to a drug or vaccine is very prestigious and is a recommendation that the drug or vaccine is safe. This gives a green light to other countries and organizations wishing to buy the product. The various committees felt that taking away the Pluserix license would cause mass panic around the world and for this reason the license was kept in place. This dangerous vaccine was then shipped for use in the third world where it remains today. Among its buyers was and still is UNICEF.


It had been clear from the paperwork that I had already seen that Meadow had been involved in meetings with the ARVI [7] but then it had seemed that he had disappeared, or so I thought. It now materializes that he definitely did not because this new paperwork reveals exactly what he was up to right until Pluserix was banned in the UK.

In 1987 Meadow was involved in ARVI meetings and a joint CSM and JCVI meeting. [7]
In 1988, 1989 he appears in ARVI meetings and also in CSM meetings.[8]
In 1990 he appears in a joint meeting between CSM and ARVI [9]
In 1991 he is found in a joint meeting involving the JCVI and ARVI [10]
After that it appears that he disappeared completely from the vaccine committees.

Another interesting fact is that leading up to Meadow’s involvement he wrote a large number of papers on the topic of MSBP and again immediately after.[11]

To demonstrate just how sinister the nature of these meetings was, it is best that you understand exactly what was being said at this time. I suggest that you read the paper by Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD entitled ‘The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI): are they at odds?’ because she reveals the true extent of what was being discussed. [12]


So why was an expert in MSBP involved in meetings on the adverse reactions to vaccines, unless, of course, he was brought in to be used as ‘misdirection,’ by the UK government? Misdirection is a tool often used in magic to take the audiences attention away from one area and focus it on another for split seconds however, ‘Common Purpose’ [13] uses misdirection as a tool to misdirect their subject’s minds. ‘Common Purpose’ for those who do not know is where powerful organizations like governments and pharmaceutical industries use Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP a form of brainwashing, to get the majority of people to think, act and behave in a certain way, the example in this case to get the general population to believe that vaccinations and drugs are good and will benefit their health. I feel I should add that NLP used in the correct way is good and has helped people to get over fears and phobias.


Another fact revealed in the documents that I found particularly interesting is that the Annual Reports list all the conflicts of interest of each committee member involved in regulating the safety of vaccines and medications. Listed is every committee except the JCVI in the UK in 1990. The documents do include members of the CSM and the ARVI. [5]

It is interesting to see in black and white just who has conflicts of interest with which drug company. I found the chairman of many of the meetings Professor A.W. Asscher exceptionally interesting because he had 25 conflicts of interest including links to Glaxo the manufactures of Pluserix. Mind you he wasn’t alone with conflicts of interest linking with Glaxo.

Listed among members with conflicts of interest is Meadow. The Annual Reports prove that not only was Meadow involved at this crucial time in vaccine history but that Meadow declared various conflicts of interest.

In 1989 Meadow declares a personal interest of shareholding with Beecham and Boots and a non personal declaration of departmental grant from Ferring. In 1990 he declared that he owned shares in Boots and a consultancy in Ferring. In 1990′s declaration there’s no mention of Beecham. By 1991 he had lost the Ferring conflict but still had Boots.

I believe that the real reason that Meadow wanted to keep the shares in Boots above all else was that it was around this time that Glaxo was desperate to merge with Boots. [14]

It is interesting to note here that in 1989 SmithKline Beckham merged with Beecham to form SmithKline Beecham plc. Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham later merged to form GlaxoSmithKline. The headquarters of the Company were then moved to England. To expand research & development in the US, SmithKline Beecham bought a new research center in 1995. Another new research centre at New Frontiers Science Park in Harlow was opened in 1997.

In 2000, Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham merged to form GlaxoSmithKline. [15]


Unsurprisingly, after the mid 1990’s MSBP rates soar [16] in the UK and around the world. Amazingly in 1998 Meadow was knighted for his services to children.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown complained again and again about what she could see unfolding but her words fell on deaf ears.

In September 1998 an article in ‘The Scotsman’ written by Stephen Breen he reveals that Lisa Blakemore-Brown had been convinced that mothers had been wrongly accused of having MSBP in at least 3 cases. Breen explained that she had complained to the General Medical Council and the Department of Health and asked for a public inquiry. The only evidence of this article ever existing is in COSA Newsletter November-December 1998 – MENZ Issues. [17]

Breen wrote-

“British psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown is convinced mothers have been wrongly accused of having MSBP in at least three cases. She has complained to the General Medical Council and asked the Department of Health for a public inquiry.”

(The Scotsman (29 Sep 1998). ‘Witch hunt’ warning in abuse scandal, by Stephen Breen)”

This was written in 1998 and at a time when MSBP accusations were at their peak. Behind a great many of the cases going through the courts again and again were two professionals, Dr David Southall and Prof Roy Meadow. In fact it was cases involving MSBP that got both of these professionals struck off the medical register. Neither stayed struck off for long though because both were reinstated just a short time after. The question on many peoples lips is just who protects these two men?

In 2009 Meadow’s finally did the decent thing and resigned. Please read what Blakemore-Brown had to say. [18]

These latest revelations further prove without doubt that Lisa Blakemore-Brown was right all along to suspect that Meadow and Southall were heavily involved in vaccination adverse reactions and then used their power and influence to lock up innocent parents accusing them of abusing their children.

I hope that in writing this it may help Lisa Blakemore-Brown may get justice for the atrocities that she has suffered and that it may help any cases that she is still involved with involving Dr David Southall and Prof Roy Meadow.

Sadly we no longer see Ms Blakemore-Brown in such a prominent role because she had her career and her reputation almost totally ruined by those in authority as part of this major cover up. I personally believe that she carries on beavering away behind the scenes but only time will tell.

The loss of such a brilliant and talented professional has affected so many families with children with Autism and ADHD. Not only do we not have funding or support from our local authorities but we have also lost the support and understanding of a professional who had dedicated her entire life to helping support the many families who suffer.

Before I get hundreds of emails saying that this is all one great big conspiracy theory, I urge readers to look up the original definition of conspiracy. The meaning of the word conspiracy is:

1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
2. A group of conspirators.
3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.[19]


1. MMR Victim Refused Compensation For Not Being Disabled Enough

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January 7, 2012


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January 5, 2012

Another Courageous Doctor On Vaccines

Another Courageous Doctor On Vaccines!

GOD BLESS Nancy Banks!

Explaining EVERYTHING we have shown proof positive about vaccines at this blog.

… and this video presentation is really for medical professionals (those of you who still have a soul) to look into what this medical professional has to say. If you all get some courage they CAN NOT “Wakefield’ all of you.

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