From Hell To Veins

December 26, 2011



Below are the direct links to get you started in not only learning about the triangle of both disease AND health but living a disease free life WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE!

But first…

That’s NOT just the good news, THAT’S THE GREAT NEWS!! This is a topic LONG OVERDUE on this blog.

Big pharma, that not only profits handsomely from vaccines BUT, profits EVEN MORE when vaccines cause disease, cancer, autism and a number of auto immune disorders, knows that the above is TRUE as well. That’s why they use THEIR FDA / CDC / WHO, corporate media and medical industrial complex to pull out all the stops to put the fear of disease into (particularly parents) that ONLY vaccines can prevent disease. Even though there is so much SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE which shows the OPPOSITE is true, evidence that we post ad nauseum on this blog.

More and more people are READING THE FACTS about just how bad vaccines really are and are saying HELL NO to giving these poisons to their children. As these numbers grow, INDEPENDENT research is being conducted on the NON vaccinated children and comparing the data to the vaccinated children. As this data builds it is NOT looking good for the pro vaccine camp. The data is indicating that the vaccinated camp is leaps and bounds worse off for disease, cancer autism and auto immune disorders when compared to it’s non vaccinated counter parts. This Blog has produced that data and where to participate in this specific research.

This research has got both big government and, the pharmacological medical industrial complex in PANIC MODE. They have been countering this research by putting pressure on both the public AND worker ants within the medical industry to be FORCED VACCINATED. Let’s face it. If everyone is FORCED these poisons to be injected into their veins, SPECIALLY THE VEINS OF CHILDREN, then there won’t be anyone left to compare the other with. Therefore, that’s how you keep Pandora in her box. Well, unfortunate for big money, Pandora has LONG left the box on vaccines.

Fighting disease WITHOUT VACCINES is not just a vaccine issue. In America it’s a ‘LIFESTYLE’ issue that is equally as important as the vaccine issue. You can NOT expect a good quality of health for you or your child if, you or your child, are consuming any number of processed foods, chemically treated liquids or a high sugar diet.

You can NOT keep giving your child a steady diet of chicken McNuggets, liquid candy called soda pop laced with ‘Aspartame’ and High Fructose Corn Syrup (which by-the-way, is made from the SAME GMO corn they make gas for your car with.), or any number of processed foods containing GMO’s or heavy grains (all sprayed with heavy amounts of fluoride poisons while stored in grain bins. A grain storage practice that used to be NOT ONLY ILLEGAL BUT, IMMORAL AS WELL.

Below and, in the right hand column of this blog, is a website that WILL HELP YOU fight your current disease, PREVENT FUTURE DISEASE, all without big pharma drugs and WITHOUT VACCINES!!!! YOU DO NOT NEED THEM.

Many people with disease have taken Pharmacists Ben Fuchss advice on health care and, NOT ONLY BEAT THE DISEASE but also, got off their drugs to live much BETTER, LONGER lives than when they were being ‘treated’ by the drugs their doctor’s put them on.

Learn About The Triangle Of Disease And How To Fight / Prevent it!
Listen to ‘NUTRITIONAL’ Pharmacist Ben Fuchs audio archives on the triangle of disease.
Radio Archives (Longevity Science From The Bright Side)
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs does NOT endorse big pahrma medication ONLY in emergencies and short term. Below is Pharmacist Ben Fuchs various websites. He is a ‘nutritional’ pharmacist. Please listen to his radio broadcasts and podcasts (linked above) on the internet and learn a great deal about how the body fights disease.

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