From Hell To Veins

October 11, 2011

Gardasil Horror Stories Straight From The Victims Statements

Before Reading the horror stories watch the video below. Vaccine pushing websites with their big pharma ‘ghost writers’ say the ‘science is on their side’. Unfortunately, what the OTHER SIDE does not tell you is that the manufactures of vaccines themselves SAY THAT IS NOT TRUE. See video below. Learn how the FDA HAS ACKNOWLEDGED THE GARDASIL VACCINE IS A “BIO HAZARD” and much, much more.

17 year old girl corresponds on how her and other girls are living in a nightmare battle for their life AFTER taking Gardasil

Liz Writes-

Thank-you much for reading my story.

“I have indeed associated with many girls who have been effected by the vaccine but I had to stop since when I got to know some of them they were dying and I couldn’t take it since I still have no idea what I have, so I became scared. It was very overwhelming since I was just turning into a teen and was active and healthy and rarely got sick…

LIz’s website, ‘vaccinehazard’ has been deleted and, it is possible that she is no longer with us because of the vaccine.


Why would you give a BOY the Gardasil Vaccine? MADNESS! Victim’s video

Boy Gardasil Victim’s Video


From Contributor Catalina

If you want to see an immediate effect of what Gardisil is doing to mothers and daughters in this country. You don’t have to look no further than the comments on Genocide, period! Here are a few:

Chinadoll — This is in response to Denise005- My daughter just turned 21 and is still suffering from the Gardasil shot(s). She’s had to changed PCP’s because they do not believe that her suffering is due to the shots. They look at the side affect form(s) from the maker of the Gardasil and none of the symptoms what our girls have are not listed. Although, I did find one doctor who I will not name refuses to administer these shots to her clients. She asks them to do research before she administers this vaccination ” Gardasil shot”.

Blondrunets – Hi ever since i got the gardasil shots my hair has been falling out a ton, is there any way your daughter was able to recover?
Posted 3 months ago

Deepender – Hi, was just wondering how your daughter is doing now? Our daughter was frightened into the Gardasil vaccine back in 2007 – she only received two injections before becoming disabled. For her hair problems, we began using sublingual vitamin B12 (you can get this in a spray or meltitabs). We also began using liquid vitamin D drops that she holds under her tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing. It has helped, but since the Gardasil caused Gastroparesis her absorption ability has greatly decreased.. Four years later, her blood finally shows almost normal levels of vitamin D. If you aren’t part of a support group, please join us on Families Affected by Gardasil on Facebook. God Bless! Roxie

My daughter had her first Gardasil shot in June. She started to have severe pain on her right side. Doctor diagnosed bladder infection. After 3 days of antibiotics ended up in emergency room due to severe pain in her right side. They did a ct scan and found a tennis ball sized cyst on her ovary. They thought her pain was from the cyst so she ended up having surgery to remove it. While they were in there they found endometriosis. So now we are working on a treatment plan. They gave her a shot of Depo Provera. She got her period while on vacation and the pain was so severe that she ended up in the hospital again. Her pain is being caused by the endo and is so severe it is debilitating. She had regular pain before with her periods, never anything like this. Another problem she is having is severe pain on both of her hip bones. My daughter was a normal, healthy teenager before this now they want to suppress her periods until she is ready to have children. I can’t help but think this is due to the Gardasil.

Alena – I am a 19 year old female with terrible endometreosis. I have ended up in the hospital numerous times for extreme pain due to cists on my ovaries. I got the cists removed twice and after that I was put on the depoprovera shots. These shots take some time to work, and if they continue not to work, like mine were not, your daughter can get them every 10 weeks instead of every 3 months. I also recieved the gardasil shot but this was just last year. My endometreosis occured when I was in about 8th grade. However, I have developed a heart condition about one year after recieving the vaccine, I am wondering if it has anything due to the vaccine and I had never imagined it could have been due to the shot. I hope your daughter improves, but in my opinion, I dont think the endometreosis is due to the shot, but that is just my opinion. But the other sypmptoms may be due to it,

Alainadanielle – I’m starting to think that maybe the Gardasil vaccine could be related to me recently being diagnosed with Endometriosis…I got my last vaccine in March of this year and in July I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and I never had it before, and never had problems like it before. I’m currently getting Lupron injections for the pain and stuff but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I’m really hoping I can have another child someday..I wish now that I never would of got the Gardasil vaccine…

Redibird – Sorry for the pain this is causing your family and your daughter! Both my neices and my cousin are suffering as well, and they are the only ones I know who have had the shots. My neices (2) both have cists on their overies. The youngest had pain ever since the shots, a year and a half ago. The older one, 17, was told she may never be able to bear childern! Its sad, she had to leave job core for this medical problem and left friends who also had the shots and also experience abdomal pain….. how odd?? or not??? see Dr Mercola’s web site.

R3n33l11 – My daughter had her first shot in May 2009 and another in October 2009. I first noticed my daughters tummy bulge in August 2009 but I thought she was getting fat. By November 2009 she was diagnosed with an enormous cyst in her belly. At the time they were unsure if it was attached to her ovaries. During the operation they removed a 4.4kg cyst and her left ovary was not able to be saved. It was only by chance I watched a program about a teenage girl whom died for no reason. Her mother thinks that it is related to the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The daughter was a healthy teenager and suffered side effects after having the vaccine and then she died. The coroner could not find any other foreign substances in her system or determine the cause of death. My daughter also had been losing some hair but I too thought nothing of it. Now I am too afraid for her to take the last shot.

And it goes on and on……….

Editors Note:
Some pro vaccine types say there is a place in hell for those like me who try and warn you before you end up like these poor souls.

My question is… Will there even be any room in hell for me when these SOB’s that did this to these women are all rounded up?

Death Toll Linked to Gardasil Vaccine Rises

Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years

American Academy of Pediatrics Backs Mandatory HPV Vaccine For Boys: My Response.

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  1. I got the gardasil shot 5 years ago when I was 17. I also started getting pains du ring my period. Everyone said I just had “bad periods” so I thought I did. Finally after fainting from excruciating pain my boyfriend took me to the hospital and they sent me to a specialist. I have stage 4 endometriosis. I may never have children. I have to plan my life around my periods and the only thing that helps my pain is morphine. Gardasil fucked my life up. Imagine taking a vaccine that ruins your chances of children. They took that away from me. I advise nobody to take that shot.

    Comment by Michaela — November 19, 2014 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

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