From Hell To Veins

May 28, 2011

A Lesson On How Cancer Inc Protects Their Gold Mine.

Editor’s Note:
Cancer, like vaccines, is BIG money for big pharma and other companies like G.E. and of course insurance companies. Dr.Burzynski is NOT an isolated case. There is a doctor in Lakewood Colorado that big pharma went after using big government for CURING cancer patients OUTSIDE the ‘gold mine’. However, in this case, big pharam’s hands were tied. THEY, big government, have to still give the public the ‘illusion’ that they have some ‘freedom’ when it comes down to life or death. All the Colorado doctor’s patents HAD BEEN ‘OFFICIALLY’ WRITTEN OFF BY THE CANCER GOLD MINE OPERATION. Therefore, the ‘system’ COULD NOT TOUCH THIS DOCTOR OR HIS PRACTICE.

But, what is wrong with this picture? Plenty! A human being should have the God given right to choose the latter as their PRIMARY healing choice. The cancer gold mine operation can NOT EVER ALLOW THIS, because the majority would indeed chose the latter over the gold mine.

The same is true with vaccines. If the public stopped taking them and cancer / autism / auto-immune disorders (another gold mine by any other name) were to return to PRE VACCINE SCHEDULE LEVELS then the gig and the gold mine operation would be over, and THEY know that.

Below is a trailer to a video showing you how the ‘game is played’ to keep the gold mine ‘system’ up and running by killing their competition. Remember this… The Rockefller family fortune runs DEEP in EVERY aspect of the ‘pharmacological industrial medical system’ and old man John Rockefeller said… “Competition is a sin”. Think about that when watching this video presentation.

The actual video documentary can be watched on-line as well.

Also, please read ‘Cancer, Step Outside The Box’, linked on the right hand column. This author’s life was threaten multiple times and he had to flee this land of liberty.

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