From Hell To Veins

May 23, 2011

Autism Is A Red Herring.

Can a doctor pick out an autistic child from one who has heavy metal and chemical poisoning in a line up? If ANY doctor tells you they can, run like hell from them because they are quacks. Both ‘spectrum disorders’ are virtually identical in appearances.

Too Bad Youtube has pulled this eyeopening video (update 2014)

I certainly didn’t coin the ‘astute’ observation that the vaccine / autism issue is a red herring but, I have been saying the same for a long time. The statement in no way lessons the seriousness of vaccine poisoning and autism like ‘permanent’ side effects that have been inflicted on mankind. However, as the mother in the above video says rather succinctly, vaccines give rise to MANY, MANY problems beyond autism.

People are just waking up to the FACT, without even realizing it, that Gene Roddenberry got it right. We ARE currently in a ‘eugenics war’. However, it’s not the ‘hollywood’ version where supermen are bread out of test tubes to form armies. That’s not how it works. The battlefield is INSIDE the DNA of everyone. ESPECIALLY THE DNA OUR CHILDREN. If these ‘elites’ or, “olympians” as they call themselves, are able to continue to ruin the natural God given DNA in food AND are allowed to mandate their LAB ALTERED DNA BASED VACCINES, cancer and autism will be the least of our worries as a species.

Jeffrey Smith has done great research in his ‘Seeds of Deception‘ work and continues the study on genetically ‘altered’ DNA in food and how it changes the DNA of the host that eats it. This is the big secret the elites want to keep the public from catching on to. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COME TO VACCINES.
Related to the above paragraph:
1978 CIA Document Explains Science Of Recombinant DNA For Bio Warfare. (Hint: The ‘how to’ on population reduction methodology.)

Vaccines And Cannibalism:
I wish I could take credit for pointing this out. A very wise person briefly touch on this topic and, I think the common sense of it needs to become more widely understood. Yes, human biological material from another human being ending up in a different human being IS a form of cannibalism. Injecting the human bio material into another human beings veins maybe be even worse than had that material entered the body thru the digestive track. Human bio matter does NOT have a ‘religious’ or ‘political’ stance. It simply is what it is. HUMAN bio matter doesn’t say it is NOT human bio matter until it is ‘politically correct’ to do so. The ‘reality’ of the situation doesn’t work that way. vaccines DO contain human material. Human DNA.

The author of the video above has done her homework and you will have to actually put on your thinking cap and LISTEN very carefully as she reads from the vaccine manufactures own white papers. She will present the vaccines manufactures OWN LITERATURE on how they are developing vaccines using human cancer cells.

Enjoy your vaccines!

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