From Hell To Veins

March 18, 2011

Plenty Of Vaccines For Population NOT Enough Potassium Iodine.

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First the government celebrated they had 100’s of millions of H1N1 / H2N3 (Swine Flu) vaccines. When no one would take them the CFR and the lame stream media created artificial scarcity of the very same vaccines they bragged they had. All for a PROVEN fraudulent pandemic scam on the public

Now for a ‘REAL’ possible threat to the public the government / lame stream media tells you to be a good dog, roll over and ‘play dead’ in regards to the radiation from a ‘exploding’ nuke plants. They refuse to take readings out at sea and prepare the public for the worst.

You even have media ‘jesters’ i.e. Ann Coulter, claiming we should be “thankful” for the nuke disaster in Japan.

But ‘behind the scenes’ the federal government had bought up surplus of KI and refuse to have it available.

Now, I don’t want to cause a panic but, my position is don’t simply wave a magic ‘baloney wand’ and tell me not to be concerned, SHOW ME THE ‘REAL’ NUMBERS’ so those of us in the population can PROPERLY PREPARE in a timely manner.

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