From Hell To Veins

October 6, 2010

Flu Vaccine Sends 99 Children Into Convulsions

My Commentary:
99 Australian children is a conservative figure, because those who are familiar with vaccine related injuries to individuals, knows that it is EXTREMELY HARD to get vaccine injuries ‘OFFICIALLY’ reported.

Now when you read the article linked below, the kook spokesperson for big pharma tries to ‘condition’ the public into believing that going into seizures after taking this garbage flu vaccine is quite acceptable because most people recover from the seizures! Now. I don’t know what happened to this ‘main stream media’ magazine’s sense in journalism but, to stop a completely ludicrous debate before it can even get started all one needs to know is you don’t put something in your body that will cause seizures in the first place! There are TOO MANY problems and unanswered questions in doing so.

As bad as the seizures are with this NEW flu shot it’s not even the biggest danger involving these shots! The larger problem with the NEW flu shot is that it is NOT being properly presented to the public for what it REALLY IS. The fact that both government and the Medical Industrial Complex are advertising these flu shots as simply the same old flu shots they have been giving out for years is a CRIME against humanity. These NEW flu shots are like NOTHING people have EVER taken before, and how they will REALLY effect the host (the person who takes it) over the years remains to be seen. These flu vaccines carry viruses that CAN NOT BE CREATED IN NATURE. They are lab viruses. These are DNA ALTERED vaccines, NOT MODIFIED!!! Modifications CAN happen in nature. These virus are created with gene guns and OTHER technology that sequences DNA that in NO OTHER WAY CAN BE sequenced. There is no data on long term studies on how these vaccines and the ALTERED DNA will effect the DNA of the host. Therefore these flu vaccines ARE a violation of the Nuremberg Code. One thing is known about ALTERED DNA that we (the public) have found from altered DNA food (GMO’s) is that the the altered DNA WILL INFLUENCE a hosts NATURAL DNA.

Here is a link to a trade publication article discussing what the manufacture of these vaccines have created and added to the vaccines people are NOW taking, as previously covered on this blog. So when you here “it’s just a flu shot” remember these are NOT ‘JUST’ flu shots they are a cocktail of bad news.

Australia blames a flu vaccine for child convulsions
Sourced Article.

18:05 04 October 2010 by Debora MacKenzie

As the northern hemisphere braces itself for the flu season, and for the first time the US recommends flu vaccination for everyone over 6 months of age, Australia has confirmed that its main seasonal flu vaccine, Fluvax, caused convulsions in 99 children, all of whom recovered. Fluvax is made by the Australian firm CSL.

Epidemiologists insist that the benefits of flu vaccines outweigh the risks, however, and are calling for better surveillance to pick up occasional problems faster.

Last March, Australia started vaccinating ahead of the southern hemisphere’s flu season. All the drug firms’ vaccines contained three killed strains of flu, one of which was last year’s pandemic strain, which persists as the dominant seasonal virus in Australia, North America and elsewhere.

In early April, reports came in of children with fever and convulsions following vaccination. On 22 April Australia suspended flu vaccination for children under 5. In late July, vaccination resumed with other makers’ vaccines, but not CSL’s Fluvax.
Fevers and convulsions

Last week the Australian Department of Health and Ageing reported that flu vaccination was “causally related” to fever and convulsions in 99 Australian children this year. Of those, 74 had no other possible cause, and Fluvax had been given to all 66 of those where the vaccine’s name was known, CSL says it is trying to identify the problem.

Read more click on the link provided at the top… ‘Sourced Article’.


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