From Hell To Veins

October 1, 2010

U.S Media Like Medical Profession Pressured To Take Flu Shot

A friend at a local top market CBS network told me the flu pushers were at her station and the pressure was on for those who didn’t want it. The pressure was being applied from the G.M. down. In other words, from the top.

Most people (not all) that work in the main stream media are mindless followers of the ‘official version’, what ever the topic. I know because, I worked in ‘the business’ as they say. As we all know on these boards, the purpose of the MSM is to ‘bullhorn’ what those of us awake and in the business would call ‘OFFICIALDOM’. More commonly known as NWO propaganda. Those who work in the media itself swallow it hook line and sinker.

So at this persons network, people were bouncing off the wall patting themselves on the back for taking this dangerous vaccine like it was as essential to life itself as O2. My question is… Do the vaccines given out at major media networks have the high amounts of Hg in them? I know the staff will get ALL the lab created viruses. Including cancer viruses. At leats a good number of those in the medical community KNOW how contaminated and useless these vaccines really are and put up a fuss when being forced to take them.

But hey, their station always promotes some organization asking for money for the ‘CURE’. Maybe if some of the workers get cancer they may want to seek organizations that look into the ‘CAUSE’, but doing that would shatter their belief system.


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