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October 1, 2010

Kids With Allergies Shouldn’t Skip Flu Shots. (yeah, right.)

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The article states…
“Some parents are understandably concerned about allergic reactions to the flu vaccine and in the past may have opted against it, but the risk of catching the flu far outweighs the risk for an allergic reaction to the vaccine.”
My Commentary:
This is a text book example of


by the PR machine for the medical industrail complex. They know their garbage vaccines have been increasing food allergies and the population is getting wise to it

Dr. Blaylock has compiled years of scientific research linking vaccines to an increase in food allergies among our population. Vaccines do a wonderful job at making a ‘hereditary’ problem with peanuts into a SUPER PROBLEM with peanuts, where the person only needs to to ‘smell the peanuts’ and they will have an auto immune response. Usually a respiratory autoimmune response.

What this report does NOT touch on is that our medical system does NOT make testing mandatory BEFORE vaccination. Odd to say the least considering the same medical industrial complex is fully aware of this and many other problems concerning vaccines.

The article is an absolute damage control report. While telling you of the risks the article quickly down plays those risks and insist that you run your children down to the nearest location to get this dangerous flu vaccine. DON’T DO IT! The sky is NOT falling.

What the article doesn’t want to tell the reader for ALL the dangers (including those not mentioned in the article) it is a scientific fact the flu shot is useless to stop the flu and in most cases will only spread more flu among the population. Including all those lab franken-DNA viruses.

Kids With Allergies Shouldn’t Skip Flu Shots, Experts Say

Source: HealthDay


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