From Hell To Veins

September 17, 2010

Colorado Hospital Forcing Flu Vaccine On Health Professionals

My Commentary:
According to my sources, hospitals across the country have been bought up by pharmaceutical consortiums and, are IN STEALTH, forcing THEIR product into the veins of their workers.

This blog has been a world leader in bringing you the FACTs that the globalist agenda is to FORCE VACCINATE THE ENTIRE POPULATION IN THE NAME OF THE ‘RELIGION’ OF POPULATION CONTROL. The globalists know they can NOT force vaccinate the general population WITHOUT FIRST force vaccinating the army of medical workers in the U.S..

If you listen carefully to the video provided by the link below, this story was ‘tipped’ to the local main stream media outlet. Yes, the Medical Industrial Complex is trying to ‘FORCE” vaccinate in stealth. Take note that NOT ALL MEDICAL STAFF HAS TO TAKE THE SHOT. It is selectively enforced. Communism ran the same way back in the old Soviet / German Stasi systems but, that’s another story.

Every local news TV network has a doctor WHO IS MOST LIKELY IN A CONFLICT OF INTEREST with the pharmaceutical companies. The ‘presenter’ doctor, in the video below, is CLEARLY ONE SIDED on this issue and spends the entire half of the feature in the studio on damage control. First of all, the network should have brought in a lawyer. The issue of whether the shots are safe or not is only a side issue to the legal questions as to whether a person has a right to what goes into their bodies. Can an employer force themselves into the veins of their workers? …is at the heart of this matter. Thus, the name of this blog, FROM HELL TO VIENS.

As far as the shot being safe? Well, it depends if it stays in the bottle or not. This doctor in the video DOES NOT TELL the audience that this years flu vaccine carries the H1N1, H1N2… genetically ALTERED (not simply ‘modified’) lab viruses and that those who take it can spread those viruses to sick, pregnant, healthy… people at the hospital and then the world of course. See Related. This is a flu shot like no other ever. So, how in the world can this so-called doctor look into the camera with a straight face and claim this new bread of vaccine is in anyway “safe”. Where is the data to back that up? Also, this doctor does not mention that even the CDC itself admits the flu shot is a useless endeavor to begin with. This doctor, in my opinion, is simply painting a ‘false reality’, and if I were these medical employees I would be VERY concerned as well.

The bottom line is if it has to be done in the dark, it’s probably evil as hell.

I thought I should add…. When this blog reported the multiple lab virus (genetically altered, as in, ‘IT DOESN”T OCCUR IN NATURE) vaccine that is NOW a part of TODAY’S flu shot, many who follow lab viruses did NOT believe the article was putting out ‘real’ information. I assured them the authors of the article (which is linked above as SEE RELATED) was indeed real as the nose on their faces and sure enough is on time for this flu season.

Source KUSA Denver

Medical Professionals Threatened IF THEY DO NOT GET SHOTS!

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