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September 17, 2010

CDC Ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine

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My Commentary:
Nothing socking here.

This latest CRIME by the CDC et al is simply business as usual in a list of crimes JUST CONCERNING THE ENTIRE H1N1 HOAX SCANDAL itself. The World Health Organization and CDC ARE Rockefeller founded and controlled FRONT GROUPS. These organizations are NOT prestigious they are NOT well meaning (at the top) they are CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS.

Calling the WHO and CDC crime Inc. is NOT simply ‘name calling’. The two work hand and hand, The WHO on a global scale, and the CDC on a national scale. The first crime the WHO was CAUGHT RED HANDED in, was KNOWINGLY and FRAUDULENTLY over hyping the swine flu itself by changing the very DEFINITION of what has ALWAYS been considered a ‘pandemic’. The equivalent of yelling FIRE!!!! in a theater where none exists. This definition was established long before the Rockefellers got mixed up with the medical profession at the turn of the LAST century. The WHO then ORDERED (lap dog) governments to buy pandemic sized orders of this dangerous vaccine. The CDC aided AND abetted this crime by ORDERING the (lap dog) medical profession in North America to LIST EVERY FLU LIKE SYMPTOM AS H1N1.
Which means, one did NOT EVEN HAVE TO HAVE THE FLU to be considered as having the H1N1 virus! There should have been major accountability on ALL levels. However, the checks and balances GLOBALLY, have been taken over by criminals.

Other partners in this CRIME were the CFR and THEIR controlled corporate media along with the U.S. government itself. As soon it was realized by the controllers, oligarchs… (whatever flavor suits you to call THEM) that the general population was NOT going to simply run out an roll up their sleeves to get this stupid shot, THEY ALL COLLUDED to hatch up a story that there was a vaccine shortage. MOST LIKELY to prevent the same general population from getting wise to the fact that MOST PEOPLE (with a brain in their head) refused to take this poison. They would NEVER allow the population collectively to figure out we all have a mind of our own and SAYING NO IS ABSOLUTELY AN OPTION.

Here is something interesting on a more personal note concerning the ‘reported’ number of miscarriage by the same crooks who helped bring them about…

I know of a family and, the husband being a doctor, jumped at the opportunity to not only inject himself but his 2 year old and pregnant wife with the H1N1 shot. They boasted about doing it on facebook. 36 / 37 weeks later the wife went into labor and gave birth to a still born baby. For two days, doctor husband and his colleagues were absolutely stumped as to why that happened. I am assuming, in order to quell any questions by family members (who all live out of town) and the big question being the most obvious one, this doctor husband totally concocted a story about the umbilical cord choking the infant, by the third day. The wife also has ran with this story. Then She killed her facebook account.

Now, did the H1N1 vaccine play a part in this situation? No one will ever know because this doctor chose NOT to look further into the possibility. It severs as a case in point that we will never really known is how many miscarriages this vaccine really caused. Which is typical, and why it is SO EASY for this corrupted establishment to get away with killing people in mass.

CDC allegedly falsifies reports–ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine


  1. Depending on your viewpoint, that is an awful lot of dead people from a vaccination. It is a well known fact that mercury(which is still in Flu Vaccines, and in high amounts) stops the fetus from developing. When it stops developing, it is rejected by the body and the pregnancy is terminated. Anyone who thinks that the repeated calls for pregnant women to get the flu vaccine (which is at a fever pitch right now) is not an evil plot to reduce population, needs to seriously look into the facts. Not to mention, on the flu vaccine inserts themselves, it states that “this vaccine was not tested on pregnant women” How can this be?

    Comment by Ken — September 18, 2010 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply

    • Ken,

      Comment by nwqfk — September 22, 2010 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply

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