From Hell To Veins

August 8, 2010

Why Mass Behaviour Control (MBC) Is Making A Come Back. The Vaccine Connection.

Don’t expect this topic to be discussed by your friendly local or national talking head on TV in a way that would, in any way, INFORM the viewer. If they give it ‘a mention’, they will preface the ‘news’ piece as ‘conspiracy THEORY’. To the uninformed or uneducated in these matters, the words ‘conspiracy theory’ will trigger the ‘predicted’ Pavlovian response the controllers want in ANY dumbed down society. That is, the trigger word will make the uninformed person giggle and roll their eyes in the back of their head. What the ‘giggling idiot’ must NOT know is that MBC, Mass Behaviour Control is as REAL as the nose on your face, totally historic, totally academic and here is the BIG ONE, totally alive and well today.

If an idiot on the street or, maybe that so-called well educated idiot acquaintance you know, tells you things done and written in the past mean NOTHING today. You and I know THEY will be the first to suffer the consequences of history repeating itself. History IS repeating itself today as you read this. Those who would most benefit from MBC are pushing it hardcore. Those who are AWAKE ENOUGH to oppose the ‘current’ push for MBC are ‘PREDICTABLY’ being labeled by the establishment via THEIR media as the ‘modern heretics’ otherwise known as ‘conspiracy theorists’. The problem for the controllers in the ‘selling’ of the ‘theory’ angle in this ‘age old’ conspiracy of Mass Behaviour Control, is that more and more people are discovering in their research the ‘VOLUMINOUS’ amount of documentation on the subject.

Who has the most to gain from MBC at this point in history? The economy is slipping further into depression while the very banksters who are responsible for it are lining their pockets with money from the very people who lost / are losing everything. While at the same time, the very same banksters are creating an ultra high tech police state intergraded with the military (NORTHCOM). Think someone will figure it out and get angry? How about the push for a third world war in the middle east? How do you get people to ‘blindly’ go along with that? This is just the tip of what’s obvious.

As it turns out, the very same type of people who sold the public that fluoride was put in water all for ‘the greater good’ of dental care are now using that outdated excuse to push water to be treated with lithium ‘for the greater good’ of ‘calming’ the public down. Here is the historic record on fluoride treated water. The Nazis and Commies didn’t just roll out of bed one day and put fluoride in the water in their work / death camps because they had a ‘dream’ it helped fight cavities. What the ‘pushers’ of this unscientific nonsense that fluoride fought tooth decay did NOT tell the ‘AMERICAN’ public was that a great amount of research had been done dating as far back as the beginning of the turn of the twentieth century on how fluoride forced people to become much more docile and controllable (stupid). Later it has been well established that fluoride accumulation over time leads to a whole list of cancers and organ disease.

I guess when people get sick and can’t figure out how they got in the sad state they are in, the fluoride must have worked well. They don’t seem to care to ask fundamental questions. Those would be ‘conspiracy theories’ and NOT a KEY to unlock doors that could save their lives. Now, the same people who are selling the public on the “triumph of fluoride” in water are selling the idea of lithium being put in drinking water. Society would really have to be dumbed down to ever allow that to be put in water IN ANY TRACE AMOUNTS. Any toxicologist (who is not on a Rockefeller / Bill Gates payroll) will tell you how your body can NOT rid itself of lithium. They will describe how it accumulates in the body and how it essentially destroys the body,

Now if the lithium isn’t bad enough these same wacko-nutt jobs who are pushing lithium in the drinking water are also purposing MANDATORY MASS VACCINATION of vaccines that, for all intent and purpose, lobotomize the person receiving the vaccine. They are also using the military personnel as guinea pigs in new DNA vaccines that rewrite gene codes of the host who gets these shots. I’m very certain that gene code rewriting is just the tip of the ‘what can go wrong’ iceberg in this situation.

Because the ‘establishment’ is selling these crazy ideas as ‘sane’ and of course THEIR main stream media is not only picking up and running with these crazy ideas, they are ‘damning’ anyone opposed to them and, there will be the ALREADY ‘establishment obedient’ sector in the population that will do exactly what they did when the H1N1 scam was rolled out. They will be the very first to roll up their ‘collective sleeves’, all in the name of the grater good, and walk away doing the ‘thorazine shuffle’. All you have here is a new and improved remake of thorazine. So, ask your doctor if a lobotomy is right for you.

What truly is amazing is how ‘THEIR’ main stream media is ‘countering’ those of us who are awake to all this nonsense THE establishment lackeys are pushing INTO POLICY AGENDAS. The mainstream media ie. Time Inc and NY times, is ‘selling’ the public that lithium in water and brain eating vaccines are just conspiracy theories and of course we messengers are all liars. You can only go to the (poisoned) well so many times. So discredited is the main stream media that on Time magazine and NY Times very own message boards, MOST people were ‘pointing out’ that THEY in fact were the liars and gave sources proving the agenda is being pushed.

Alex Jones did a wonderful job exposing this push for MBC. Now, Alex Jones is NOT the first person to sound the alarm bell in this area. Alex Jones just happens to have one of the loudest alarm bell’s on the net. Do a search on ‘brain eating vaccines’. What is interesting to note here is how the establishment is rushing to this like 5 alarm fire. If there are ONLY theories presented below why bother countering it?

Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The “Conspiracy Theory”
Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Wired Magazine writer Jonah Lehrer has labeled concerns that vaccines which alter brain chemistry and induce states of “focused calm” could be abused by governments to create lobotomized, servile populations as delusional, paranoid, and idiotic conspiracy theories, despite the fact that major mental health professionals are already pushing for lithium to be introduced into water supplies as a means of mass medicating against “mood disorders”.
Lehrer, an Oxford University graduate and a Rhodes Scholar, brazenly calls Alex Jones a liar in his article today after Jones put out a You Tube video in which he warned that new vaccines designed to reduce stress and neutralize people’s anger could lead to a nightmare THX 1138 scenario, in which the population is controlled and subjugated through the use of special drugs to suppress emotion.
Jones also encouraged listeners to Google search the words “brain eating vaccines,” causing the term to rise to the number 1 position on Google Trends for August 3rd.

In the video, Jones makes the point that vaccines being proposed by people like Robert Sapolsky to impose a state of “focused calm” by altering brain chemistry, as well as shots aimed at curbing drug and cigarette addictions, fit the very definition of being “brain eating” because they fundamentally rewire the brain and shut down innate processes that naturally produce stress, anxiety and aggression – which are all necessary human traits vital to survival and healthy mental functioning.
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Many vaccines contain the preservative thimerosol, a compound derived from mercury. As the video below from the University of Calgary demonstrates, mercury is a potent neurotoxin and causes neurodegeneration, altering the very structure of the brain. The U.S. government has been forced to admit that childhood vaccines preserved with thimerosol have contributed to the explosion in autism cases in the United States.

Lehrer unwittingly exposes his bias tactic to label legitimate concerns surrounding these vaccines as mythical fantasies when he claims that plans by governments to artificially add lithium to the water supply are in fact “idiotic conspiracy theories”.
Perhaps Lehrer can explain why Professor Allan Young of Vancouver’s Institute for Mental Health told the BBC that “Large-scale trials involving the addition of lithium to drinking water supplies may…be feasible,” following claims that lithium led to a reduction in the number of suicides in Japan and helped to alleviate “mood disorders”. It’s hardly an “idiotic conspiracy theory” when one of Canada’s foremost mental health professionals is calling for its potential implementation, is it Mr. Lehrer?
Lehrer also includes a lengthy passage from a separate blog which scoffs at people who are worried about authorities attempting to “sterilize and/or pacify their populations through drugs in their water supplies”.
Apparently, if you are concerned about brain eating vaccines then you’re also stupid enough to think that powerful men in positions of influence have publicly called for the population to be mass medicated against their will by means of sterilants in the water supply.
Presumably then we should take a shot of Robert Sapolsky’s anti-stress vaccine and not concern ourselves with the trivial fact that Barack Obama’s top science czar John P. Holdren advocated in his own textbook Ecoscience that a “planetary regime” should employ a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children.
Neither should the fact that Holdren reiterated these talking points as recently as 2006 be a topic of consternation, and anyone who makes reference to it is obviously just engaging in another “delusional rant,” to use Lehrer’s term.
Indeed, Lehrer’s own fellow Oxford luminary Julian Savulescu, in a 2008 white paper, called for populations to be mass-medicated through pharmacological ‘cognitive enhancements’ added to the water supply.
Of course, this is not the first time that we’ve warned against the dangers of vaccines and been proven right, despite being attacked as delusional conspiracy theorists for doing so at the time. The same claims were made about the H1N1 vaccine when Alex Jones and other leading alternative researches identified the ‘pandemic’ hype as a hoax to sell vaccine stocks and impose an untested formula created with cancer cells– now Wolfgang Wodarg at the Council of Europe has exposed that it was a false panic deliberately-fueled by WHO officials and vaccine industry representatives.

Lehrer’s paltry rebuttal, which consists mainly of playground insults and strawman invocations, is perhaps best answered by the readers of his article, the vast majority of whom express their vehement disagreement.
“After reading this article and then watching the Alex Jones well documented video there is no question who is telling the truth and it is most certainly not the author of this article. Major failure Jonah,” writes one, pointing out that Lehrer refuses to even link directly to Jones’ You Tube video, probably because he is unable to debunk Jones’ exhaustively documented analysis about the threat posed by brain-altering vaccines.
“All you did was prove Alex Jones right,” writes another. “That’s what is sad here…you’re not an intellectual. Your a hypocrite with a weak ass puff piece that does nothing to prove Alex Jones wrong but just attacks his character”.
“A vaccine to alleviate stress. Only a domesticated drugged mind could not see the danger in that and then to attack someone who does see danger in it!” points out another.
“I’m an RN, and one of the reasons I am leaving this profession is the vaccine/autism issue. Look into the history of eugenics, and govt testing on unwitting human subjects, and tell me that Alex Jones and the questioning public he serves are “paranoid.” Look at the history of the twentieth century and tell me that governments would never treat their own citizens in this way. Lithium additives to the water supply ARE being proposed, ostensibly as a way to lower the suicide rate. Sodium Floride WAS used by the Nazis to make jewish populations more docile. The CDC and the corporate mainstream media urged pregnant mothers and children to use the flu shot last season, assuring them it was safe, and deriding the “paranoid conspiracy theorists” who warned against it – and I myself, in administering it, read the package insert which clearly stated “The safety of this vaccine for use with pregnant women and children has not been evaluated.” This is about money and power. Give yourself an education in both before you join the simian hooting against “liars” and “paranoids” that follows fact-challenged ad hominem attacks such as the above article,” concludes another commenter.
Jonah Lehrer has been publicly invited to appear on The Alex Jones Show to defend his claim that “Alex Jones is a liar” on the subject of brain eating vaccines. Watch this space to see if he accepts the challenge, or if he continues to hide behind sophomoric jibes and strawman arguments.
The following statement by Alex Jones was submitted to the Wired website but never appeared in the comments section in response to Lehrer’s hit piece.
This is Alex Jones publicly challenging you to appear on my radio show and face the music. You know full-well that my video quotes the New York Times, top bioethicists and major medical associations calling for Lithium to be added to the drinking water in order to “calm the public.” In the “Brain Eating Vaccines” video, I talk about multiple classes of live viruses (so-called “vaccines”) that travel to the brain and destroy receptor sites. Many of them deal with “curing drug addictions.” There are also many “stress vaccines” currently being developed. But of course you already know of this; this is your field, after all. It’s clear you were counting on what you perceived as the ignorance of your readers.
The good news, however, is that more than 90% of your readers’ comments see through the dumbed-down pap you shoveled at them for what it really is: condescending, arrogant control-freakism. British newspapers are now reporting that the government has suspended the H1N1 vaccine to under fives because of its ten-fold increase in violent seizures. So many people have died or have been irrevocably damaged by vaccines that now their surviving family and friends are joining together to investigate the crimes of Big Pharma and take action against the new-eugenicist servants of death. The Rhodes Scholarship was founded by Cecil Rhodes to develop a covert plan for world government. But you already know that, being a Rhodes Scholar.
The truth is, Jonah, you’re going to lose. More and more people see you and your cohorts for what you are, and you and your brethren will all be brought to justice. Stop trying to “improve” us with your GMO garbage, and get the hell out of our lives, you parasite. Check your email for our contact information. You threw down the gauntlet; let’s see if you’re man enough to meet head-to-head.”


  1. Note, your tag says “Brian” eating vacciene, not brain eating vacciene.

    BTW, love Alex Jones

    Comment by roguesophia — August 8, 2010 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

    • You should also try spacing your paragraphs more, and having no more than 1 inch tall paragraphs. On the web, presentation is everything. And try a brighter theme. You’ll get more return traffic.

      Comment by roguesophia — August 8, 2010 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

      • Hey thanks!

        I’m on little sleep and some how the original version of this I’d been working on was 80% wiped out. Somehow? Go figure.

        I would like to change themes. I’m just busy in research. I can’t even keep up with it all.

        You are probably 100% correct on traffic issues.

        Comment by nwqfk — August 8, 2010 @ 3:15 p08

      • I think you might really benefit for the problogger challenge (31days). If you don’t want to sign up yourself, I can forward you a copy of the emails as I get them (however I accidentally deleated one day, sorry).

        Also, with traffic issues, a good way to get a spike is just to leave good comments all over the blogosphere. A good way to sustain it to make blogging buddies. You go to their blog everyday, and comment if theirs a new article, and if they come back to your site and leave a comments for a time, you put them in your blogroll.

        Once a blogger gets a couple clicks from your site, and you guys comment on each other, you’ll be more likely to get a place in their blog roll. Also, if you leave interesting comments, people will click from that link to read your blog.

        If you want any other pointers, feel free to ask! I have the perspective of a reader that is new to your site.

        Sorry to hear about the original. I absolutely hate that. And changing themes takes less that five minutes. Plus, a new look can be fun and stimulate you as a blogger!

        Comment by roguesophia — August 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p08

  2. *not theirs, instead there is.

    Comment by roguesophia — August 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

    • Sounds like I need to hire someone and an editor to reconstruct my sentences. The latter was my personal opinion.

      Comment by nwqfk — August 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

      • Oh I’m sorry if I confused you. The correction was to my comment. I think if you have the dedication to do the research you do, then you have the skills to be a good blogger. I’m sorry if you found my comments offensive.

        Your style of writing would be great for a book, it’s just that blogging exectations are different. I’m a novelist, so I know how frustrating style can be! 🙂

        But really, you’re doing great! We need people who are willing to do the research. I have other project that take up my time, namely school, spreading information about multiplicity, noveling, and inventing! I just don’t have any room for more on my plate, so I’m glad you’re doing this!

        I can help with the blogging bit, but the research is just hard for me because I research so much else! Knowledge is good. You’re doing a good thing.

        Comment by roguesophia — August 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p08

    • I was not offended at all. I agree 100% with you. There is so much more and so much better I could do with this blog. I never asked for one donation to hire a ‘blog master’ I wish I had one I could rely on. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome.

      BTW, you doing your own research and hopefully bringing it forward is also huge. Keep it up!

      Comment by nwqfk — August 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

      • My main bit right now is just on multiplicity, but I’m in an active project with a Canadian friend of mine for developing some space colonization tech. And we’re really loving it.

        Like I said before, I’m not great at this yet, but I’m honing my skills. Perhaps we could work together for a while, you getting the info, and me helping you learn how blog readers expect to see it.

        And if it doesn’t work, oh well! You’re already doing the hard part!

        Comment by roguesophia — August 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p08

    • I’ll take all the help I can get!
      Thank you.

      Comment by nwqfk — August 10, 2010 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

      • Yeah, just email me a copy before you post it and we can work on it. 🙂

        Comment by roguesophia — August 11, 2010 @ 3:15 p08

      • Certainly, I have a spoof I want to first.

        Comment by nwqfk — August 11, 2010 @ 3:15 p08

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