From Hell To Veins

May 28, 2010

Forced Cancer Treatment To Be Given


Didn’t We Defeat the Nazis? Yes, but we DID NOT DEFEAT ‘THE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS’!

I wrote a post. ‘NO VACCINES! NO HEALTH CARE!!‘ It was MY OWN trap I laid for this National Socialist Establishment. They took the bait and called ‘forced vaccines’ via the new health care system a ‘myth’. If you’re gullible enough to believe that delusion here’s YET ANOTHER reality check for you.

… and remember for all those saying… “IT’S FOR THE GREATER GOOD”, just remember, that gibberish has always been the HISTORIC cry of the Soviet / Red China / Nazi… collectivists for the big central banks

Woman with hospital phobia must be forcibly treated for cancer, judge rules
A cancer sufferer is to be forced to have life-saving treatment against her wishes after a landmark court ruling by a High Court judge.

Read article.

… and by the way, this has already happened here in this country. Forcing children to take this type of treatment that is killing them while BEGGING THE CROOKED COURTS FOR NO MORE TREATMENT.

If you have Cancer Ty Bollinger has a MUCH BETTER TRACK RECORD for beating it than the Medical Industrial Complex. That’s is why the same thugs repeatedly threatened his life until he was ‘FORCED’ to flee the U.S.A.

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