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May 25, 2010

The Dr Wakefield Interviews The Main Stream Media / Big Pharma Hopes You Won’t Listen To.

Dr. Wakefield has held his first interviews since the UK smear campaign and is now clear and free to tell HIS SIDE OF THE STORY. These are MUST hear interviews! It becomes crystal clear WHY the main stream media doesn’t want to ‘allow’ him to tell his side of the story. The interviews go FAR BEYOND the kangaroo court findings. Dr. Wakefield seems very confident the professional ‘witch haunt’ against him is going to backfire in a very big way. He says the independent research done outside of his work confirms what he has been saying all along and the ‘claim’ his finding “can’t be replicated” WILL BE EXPOSED AS A FRAUD. Also, the ’12 children experimented on’ accusation is also going to blow up in the faces of the establishment that COOKED THAT ‘CLAIM’ UP as well.

His book Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The Truth Behind a Tragedy should be read as well to get the other side of this Dr. Wakefiled story BEFORE condemning the man.

My Commentary:
I have long been trying to make this point crystal clear. You can ‘professionally’ go after ANY drug and it is met with various degrees of resistance by the both the government and the medical industrial complex. Vaccines are treated LIKE NO OTHER DRUG. You even question them professionally, both the state and big pharma’s ocean liners full of attorneys will come to strike you down hard. WHY IS THIS? DOESN’T THIS SEEM RATHER ODD TO YOU? Why are we (the population / masses) told over and, over and, over there can in NO WAY be ANYTHING wrong with vaccines, outside a needle rash while at the same time, almost EVERY drug on the market has serious side effects.

Dr. Wakefields ‘persecution’ only ‘proves’ that the vaccine propaganda campaign is failing miserably. The PR job done on Dr. Wakefield, which is NOT exclusive to Dr. Wakefield, shows what the establishment will do to a PRO VACCINE DOCTOR!!! simply to push their dogma on the rest of us, DAMN THE FACTS.

Thank you Dr. Wakefield! For continuing your work where other doctors / scientists would otherwise shake in their boots while wetting their lab coats.

On the question of unethical research. I am paraphrasing Dr Wakefield.
We listen to parents who were ignored by both big pharma / big government who’s children were effected after taking vaccines and we investigated those children’s cases. The children were NEVER experimented on. No laws or ethics were EVER violated. We (Wakefield team) was perplexed how the court (of fellow doctors) came to the conclusions they came to. The verdict must have been predetermined. This whole fiasco I feel will come back to haunt them (big pharma, big media, big government) down the road because there is so much independent research backing up our work. We pursued our professional and moral duties (In finding out what happened to their kids) It’s a lot easier going after me then solving the problem.

A couple of other points by Dr. Wakefield.
Many professionals are starting to realize the vaccine problems.

I’m not going away, the parents aren’t going away, the vaccine problems aren’t going away and I will continue to get to the bottom of this vaccine situation. Mothers never give up and they are an inspiration to keep me pursuing the truth about what’s happening.

Part 1 of 10 interview Dr. Mecola (you can follow each video after the last by clicking on the video icon at the top.)

Part 1 of Interview (Alex Jones)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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  2. I’M ALIVE
    Dedicated to all the victims of vaccines.

    Comment by Giorgio Tremante — January 24, 2011 @ 3:15 p01 | Reply

    • Thank you so very much. I’m sorry the SOB’s got to you.

      I will post your story soon.

      Comment by nwqfk — January 24, 2011 @ 3:15 p01 | Reply

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