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April 1, 2010

A Nightmare Caused By Vaccine

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A Nightmare Caused By Vaccine
My daughter who is 31 years old, college graduate and mother of three took her 11 mos old baby in for his “well baby shots”. The shots included Live virus Varicella and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Ten days following her sons vaccinations SHE came down with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis-ADEM. In ADEM the T-cells are triggered to attack the myelin sheath and strip it off the nerves in the brain. Through an MRI it was discovered that her brain has huge lesions She was infected via diaper changing. It is a FACT in the CDC (center for disease control) book (Dr.s bible of meds) that cell shedding takes place with LIVE VIRUS vaccines via body waste. THEY (medical community) KNOW THIS HAPPENS. YET NO ONE WARNED US! My daughter lost her ability to talk and walk, lost fine motor skills in hands and arms and lost bladder control. Her mental condition also deteriorated. It has been one year since this has happened. She has partially gained walking ability and her speech is better, but the lesions remain and now we are told it has triggered MS in her! Through testing we were able to rule out varicella….but there was NO kit for measle testing! According to her neurologist the live vaccine was the culprit….But we have no way to prove it. No one is accepting responsibility for what has happened to her. She is a victim of vaccines. The pediatrician reported this event to the VACCINE ADVERSE EPISODE REPORTING SYSTEM (VAERS) and is no longer employed at the pediatric clinic. My daughter doesnt qualify for compensation through VAERS because they do not allow third party compensation in PA. If you must get your child vaccinated WEAR GLOVES WHEN CHANGING BABY! I am telling you more than the medical field does to protect you. Believe me, my daughter’s life has been destroyed due to vaccines. Now our family no longer has to have live vaccines….big deal, the damage has already been done. Pray for her, please, her name is Mary.

Absolutely NO TESTING For Vaccine Injury! What It Means.


  1. I want to thank you for keeping my daughter Mary’s story up here on your website. I wish it were on every vaccine related website. It has been over one year (April 9, 2009)now since her reaction to her son’s vaccine. She is still fighting to be able to walk. I watch her struggle everyday. She cannot do the things we all take for granted. She works hard to do what little she can. Today we gathered together as a family to celebrate the birthday of a grandchild. While there we looked at pictures taken from a year and a half ago. It broke our heart to see pictures of Mary vital, full of life and healthy. Today I watched as she held herself up with the wall to make her way down the hall to the bathroom. Yes I am grateful she is able to stand again, let alone walk, however difficult: But WHY did this have to happen? It was not necessary. WHY should it ever happen to anyone else? Take your stand AGAINST vaccines. There is strength in numbers. Thank you and God Bless, Marie Campbell PA

    Comment by marie — May 8, 2010 @ 3:15 p05 | Reply

    • Thank you Marie.

      It tears me up inside to know this IS happening to her. It’s ‘life realities’ like your daughter’s that made me end my silence on vaccines and tell the world what I know.

      I hear some people say…”I remember the 1940’s and 50’s and all these sick kids.” Well, I may not have been alive to witness all the so-called sick kids however, I didn’t have to live back then to know that there was in no way the number of kids with a spectrum of neuro-degenerative diseases that we have got today by a long shot! Even when you throw in the LEGITIMATE polio cases of that odd era. Also, I didn’t have to live in that time frame to know NO ONE EVER HEARD OF KIDS / TEENS GETTING CANCER.

      People had better get a clue and start facing the FACTS about what is happening to are children. Yes, there ARE very dark and evil people on this planet and NO ‘FEEL GOOD’ walk for the cure, shoveling money off somewhere is going to make it go away

      Comment by nwqfk — May 9, 2010 @ 3:15 p05 | Reply

  2. Hi, What happened to Mary is horrible. Since she is in her 30’s she probably received the inactivated (non-live) vaccine that was popular in the late 60’s, so she lacks real immunity to measles, mumps, rubella. Does she have any congenital immune-deficiency? Was she Never vaccinated at all for Measles, Mumps, Rubella or Varicella? If yes to either she was at grave risk changing diapers and should have been warned by her doctor. If no to either, then she is one in 10,000 of vaccine-exposed people to experience adverse events. Before these vaccines were available, there were 20 fatalities and 300 disease cases per 10,000 people due to the absence of vaccination. Therefore, acknowledging the tragedy of her individual case, it seems that vaccination caused one disease per 10,000 and lack-of-vaccination allowed 320 diseases per 10,000 people; so the vaccine option seems preferable from the population standpoint. This year a family traveling from India, where vaccine coverage was poor, came to Pennsylvania and started a measles outbreak there. The US usually gets 50 measles cases a year this way. Although most European countries have good vaccine coverage, Germany and England had approximately 20 measles cases each and France, with a strong anti-vaccine movement, has experienced >5,000 measles already in 2011 with 7 deaths and 350 cases resulting in long-term deafness or neurological damage. Thus the absence of vaccination is a disaster. You implied that Mary’s Doctor was no longer available at the clinic because he tried to report a vaccine-associated adverse event. He probably either moved away or was dismissed for failing to check whether Mary had been vaccinated, or for failing to warn her of the dangers of the vaccine for adults. (The vaccine is live attenuated and would be less dangerous than the live non-attenuated form!).
    Maria Salvato

    Comment by melisa — July 14, 2011 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

    • Hello Melisa,

      There seems to be a contradiction in the facts you have presented.

      Case in Point….

      Melisa wrote:
      Before these vaccines were available, there were 20 fatalities and 300 disease cases per 10,000 people due to the absence of vaccination. Therefore, acknowledging the tragedy of her individual case, it seems that vaccination caused one disease per 10,000 and lack-of-vaccination allowed 320 diseases per 10,000 people”

      If the ‘logic’ follows the ‘theory’ then the following should NOT have happened…

      Melisa continues ….
      “This year a family traveling from India, where vaccine coverage was poor, came to Pennsylvania and started a measles outbreak there.”

      A measles Outbreak? That’s an interesting statement because, Pennsylvania boasts a 95% measles vaccination rate per population. The fact such a ‘vaccinated’ population would have to endure an outbreak simply because a family from India drove through speaks volumes for the ‘IN’-effectiveness of the vaccine AND, the validity of the ‘claim’ made of vaccine effectiveness at the top of the page.

      Oh and BTW Melisa…

      Europe takes less vaccines than in the USA and the measles rate is LOWER.

      Imagine my surprise.

      I wonder how many people from India are sight seeing in Europe these days? Hmmmmmm?

      Comment by nwqfk — July 15, 2011 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

  3. Melisa, no matter how you word it, my daughter was crippled due to a live vaccine for a disease that I and most of my generation had without a problem. In all of my 61 years I have never encountered ONE person/child who suffered a lifelong adverse reaction to the actual diseases such as measles, mumps or any other contagious childhood illness outside of polio (which I have now learned was actually spread via the vaccines). Now I can honestly say I know MANY individuals who suffer with lifelong adverse reactions to vaccines. Explain that to me? .Just a fluke? I do not think there are many people who have never encountered a person/child crippled or maimed in some way via vaccines. Yet still to this day WHERE are the PEOPLE NOW who have experienced serious adverse reactions outside of the normal symptoms to the childhood diseases (fever, rash, sore throat, aches, cough, etc) I repeat, WHERE ARE THEY? The AMA is trying to scare us. Scare tactics? Yeah. You don’t have to look far to find the vaccine damaged people. Children are sicker now than ever before. Vaccines are like playing russian roulette with your genetics…who will be the next person to get the bullet? What is hidden in your genetic history? Don’t know? Is it worth taking the chance? Vaccines awaken our sleeping giants in our genetics. What is your sleeping giant?

    Comment by Marie Campbell — April 12, 2012 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

    • The science to rewrite a host’s dna by introducing recombinant viral dna has been in use since the 1970’s (maybe before). I have documented the evidence on this blog.

      This knowledge is particularly troublesome when we are seeing people being injected with genetically altered human dna from aborted human fetuses.

      Comment by nwqfk — April 12, 2012 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

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