From Hell To Veins

April 1, 2010

A Fouled Mouth, April’s Fool, Chimes In On Polio.

Uh actually, imbecile, they were not. Polio was rampant before the vaccine, in the developed world as well as the undeveloped. You’re simply a big fat ignorant fuck.


Sorry kids, after whipping his fanny over the awful health care reform bill and vaccines, Mark couldn’t help but profanely express himself in the area of Polio.

To take some of the ‘color’ out of Mark’s view point on the polio vaccine and make it more civilized for the sake of this post. Mark is under the WORNG impression concerning the polio vaccine. That it was a ‘triumph’ of modern medicine. Don’t worry Mark, you’re certainly not alone. As Dr Salk’s right hand man WHO HELPED DEVELOP the very vaccine said… “It (the vaccine) was mostly a circus and Hollywood” (paraphrased). However, MOST people NEVER have heard that quote which was CAPTURED ON VIDEO / FILM (which is in my archive) and STILL believe the ‘Hollywood version. Why not? It’s taught in medical school. What is NOT taught in medical school and is not explained in the TV’s version of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED with polio and the vaccine, makes one quickly understand why this information CAN’T be taught to med students. If ALL the FACTS were taught it would mean the end of a racket by taking away THE ONLY EFFECTIVE PROPAGANDA TOOL that the entire vaccination program has, the polio vaccine myth.

I’ll briefly cover SOME of the FACTS. Facts that ARE voluminous, facts that ARE in the history books AND medical literature that doesn’t make it’s way into shinny glossy major medical journals owned and run by big pharma.

The ‘American’ Piolo Virus: Was it discovered, was it created or both?
The public does NOT know this is STILL an on going debate among virologists. Medical text books teach students that the polio virus was discovered in Germany around the 1840’s. What’s NOT asked by the student because THIS FACT is not discussed in their text books is… If the polio virus was truly isolated and discovered in the 1840’s WHY WAS IT SO DIFFICULT TO ISOLATE OVER 100 YEARS LATER, WELL INTO THE ERA OF THE ELECTRON MICROSCOPE?!

To make a LONG story short by posing a question, did big pharma create the virus during the years of the ‘American’ polio outbreak when they were ‘TRYING TO CREATE IT’ in order to develop a vaccine? Did Dr. Salk isolate a ‘wild polio virus’ or simply the one ‘CREATED IN A LABORATORY’? NO! I am NOT the only person who has asked this question by a long shot. Whether you choose to looks this up yourself Mark, does NOT matter. Vrologists are STILL debating these same questions. Yes, all be it behind closed doors.

Did the Polio virus REALLY “run rampant” BEFORE THE VACCINE and, did the vaccine TRULY ‘wipe out’ polio?
First of all, NEVER EVER, in the ‘recorded history’ of ANY civilization has a polio outbreak (epidemic) EVER been noted to occur UNTIL the late 1890’s! If you want to challenge this ‘bring it’! Sure, they would NOT have known to call it polio but ANY civilization at anytime certainly would have recored a mass outbreak of paralysis accompanied with sever respiratory complications. Many diseases like smallpox were known to occur BEFORE it was ‘officially’ called the names we call many diseases today. Yet, polio is quite different, for such an unmistakable disease, NONE OCCURE IN HISTORY until after the ‘so-called’ discovery! Even those outbreaks were NEVER on the scale they were in America during the late 1930’s-50’s. This is yet, another ODDITY, REAL SCIENTISTS don’t simply ‘brush off’. It seems ‘historically’ , that massive polio outbreaks was strictly an ‘American phenomenon.’  That is, until the development of the vaccine and it’s world wide distribution.

Scientists during the ‘American’ outbreak were also puzzled as to why a virus that HISTORICALLY NEVER became a serious epidemic, would all of the sudden become one. MANY scientists at the time of the polio epidemic believed THAT’S WHERE THE ANSWERS LAY. The federal government actually gave money to independent scientists to research this IMPORTANT question. The research that came back was so unpopular by big pharma (who by the way are tied tightly to the wallet of big chemical. which is significant in this history.) that the only thing now taught in med school concerning this PROBLEM FOR THE POLIO PUSHERS, is the absurd ‘debunking’ BY BIG PHARMA and government, that what these independent scientist found could in no way be true. EVEN THOUGH EVIDENCE OF POLIO CREATED BY CHEMICAL POISONING is well noted in medical literature both BEFORE the famous epidemic and TO DATE! It’s no wonder why big pharma / big petro-chemical and big government would squash ANY FACTS of this FIELD RESEARCH that was done (before the era of phony studies) to become widespread knowledge among the very population who’s children where crippled by this? This actually makes MUCH MORE SENSE than a wild polio virus that couldn’t even be isolated as the SUDDEN cause for all the crippling in America. If this research had been supported and followed through one could only imagine the fallout for the pharmacological industrial complex and it’s partner in crime the petro-chemical industrial complex!

Polio Cases, Inflated Distorted Data
Sure there was an epidemic no doubt. However, doubt still persists to date as to whether or not what Americans were truly infected with was ACTUALLY ‘WILD’ POLIO AND THE TRUE NUMBERS OF POLIO CASES. To make matters even worse for the polio pushers, it’s an historic fact that doctors were paid around $25 bucks for every reported case of polio in the late 1940’s early 1950’s/ Those dollars was great income for doctors in those days. What makes this story even more interesting is that as soon as the polio vaccine was announced the funding to report cases was immediately ground to a halt. Rather strange? One would think such data (IF REPORTED ACCURATELY) would be paramount to confirm the TRUE effectiveness of the so-called miracle vaccine! This true, but they somehow forgot to teach this to med students. That you had crooked doctors easily claiming polio for every kid that hobbled in after falling off their bikes. So, what the TRUE number of so-called polio cases were while a major data fraud campaign was under way is anyones guess. However, the number of polio cases CAUSED BY THE VACCINE ITSELF is not only well known in medical literature BUT because it caused SO Many cases of polio that the government had to halt the live polio vaccine in the 1950’s almost as quickly as it started. Also, by 1964 the CDC was forced to ‘RECLASSIFY’ vaccine induced polio to be called… Viral or aseptic meningitis which was reclassified. Another detail kept from the med student. Today Polio like illnesses caused by vaccines are hiding behind names such as… Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic syndrome, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, epidemic cholera, cholera morbus, spinal meningitis, spinal apoplexy, inhibitory palsy, intermittent fever, famine fever, worm fever, bilious remittent fever, ergotism, ME, post-polio syndrome, acute flaccid paralysis Synonyms for GBS]


Here is just a excerpt on the subject:
“Paralytic cases were not distinguished from non-paralytic cases until a recommendation was made by the Dominion Council of Health in 1949- The LCDC figures provided from 1952 and onward represent this administrative change: recording only those cases adhering to the requirements for a diagnosis of paralytic poliomyelitis. In a report released in June of 1959, another adminis trative change was recommended by the Dominion Council of Health, further altering the way in which apparent cases of poliomyelitis would be reported. All non-paralytic cases of poliomyelitis were to be henceforth recorded as “meningitis, viral or aseptic,” a disease which itself only became reportable in 1952.” These two administrative changes effectively reduced the apparent incidence of poliomyelitis. In particular, since the latter change is temporally correlative to the introduction of the polio vaccines, the vaccines appear to have been responsible for a reduction in poliomyelitis cases when it is entirely possible that the administrative changes are primarily responsible.”–Catherine Diodati MA (Immunization History, Ethics, Law and Health p116)

How come this is NOT taught in med school? Because it becomes apparent even to the thickest of heads (Mark?) that the so-called triumph over polio was ANYTHING BUT a triumph. If you look at the number of people vaccinated today, the number of people that take on the above ‘reclassified’ polio like illnesses after being vaccinated BY FAR out numbers the number of people who contract polio who were never vaccinated. The medical industrial complex obviously does NOT want medical students to ACTUALLY put 2 + 2 together and start questioning the entire polio vaccine myth.

Polio Vaccines and Cancer.
One thing for sure can be measured in this so-called medical wonder vaccine Dr. Salk created, that is, the SV-40 cancer virus. Since the polio vaccine IN FACT carried this cancer virus and, over 100 million people in America received it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the number of people that were GIVEN this cancer virus and contaminated by it. This cancer virus is the gift that keeps on giving. Tumors extracted from the cancerous GRANDCHILDREN of the recipients of that early ‘triumph over’ polio vaccine have found THE SV 40 VIRUS WITHIN THOSE TUMORS! Was this the price of victory Mark? Also Mark, the Bernice Eddy story is NEVER EVEN WHISPERED in ‘the halls’ of medical teachings. Read it for yourself I dare you!

The ‘official’ U.S. government stance on the SV 40 cancer virus from the oral polio vaccine is handled in the very same manor the true ‘source’ of the polio itself was handled, that is, to NOT acknowledge it. Of course they are going to ignore it. Because the ding-bats in the federal government would have to become accountable for infecting over 100 million people AND THEIR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN WITH A CANCER VIRUS!!!

Did The 1950’s Vaccination Campaign REALLY Rid Us Of Polio And Polio Epidemics?
High priests of the vaccine cult who teach us about polio swear it did. However anyone outside of this ‘dogma’ has to ask.

1.) If the polio virus was truly a ‘wild virus’ epidemic at the time, then why was the virus so hard to isolate? Why was there NEVER reported epidemics like the one in post world war II USA EVER in the history of mankind? Obviously before ANY vaccine was even a thought in somebodies head.

2.) How come polio symptoms created by chemical poisoning is well noted in medical literature but is dismissed when teaching about polio in med schools.

3.) Why has there been the reclassification of polio when it is CAUSED BY THE POLIO AND OTHER VACCINES ever since the days of Dr. Salks so-called miracle vaccine?

4.) If PRO vaccine science tells us ALL vaccines only have ONLY a 2 – 5 year effectiveness to them and we must ALL have boosters then why was there NEVER an epidemic in the decades that followed the generations of people who ONLY GOT ONE POLIO VACCINE in their lifetime? If the effectiveness of the vaccine ran out in a short time frame then obviously many people were ONCE AGAIN NON VACCINATED yet there were NEVER epidemic outbreaks of anything except NOW, autism and cancer.

I know it’s much easier Mark, to shoot your mouth off and call people names then try and PROVE what I wrote here is inaccurate. Problem for people like you Mark is that people ARE WAKING UP and actually researching THE VERY LITTLE I have posted on polio and othe vaccines here and realize it’s much worse and in depth and, in scope than what I ‘briefly’ jotted down. This is why the numbers are coming over to this side and you are finding yourself with less and less support around you.

The Salk Vaccine And The “Disappearance” of Paralytic Polio- Is Paralysis A Viral Disease?


  1. I began reading through your site, but found so many spelling, grammatical and factual errors that I gave up after two paragraphs.

    I’m astonished that people hang on so desperately to these conspiracy theories.

    Comment by ELBSeattle — July 23, 2010 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

    • Some people didn’t like what the voice did say…

      If you read less than two paragraphs and are mud slinging the pejorative ‘conspiracy theory’ around, than your statement is easily discredited.

      I can just as easily find grammatical and spelling errors in ‘YOUR’ well respected ‘establishment’ glossy journals. There’s one very big difference. I don’t have TEAMS OF EDITORS hired to catch that stuff.

      I’m not writing to proclaim myself to be the literary giant of our times. Too bad you gave up before you could A.) debate myself on ANY ‘factual errors’ and B.) tell me which conspiracies are so-called ‘theories. Apparently in YOUR world, of ALL of man’s sins, ‘conspiracy’ is exempt. But, truth be told. Is it really CONSPIRACY or, is it rather GOOD OLD FASHIONED CORRUPTION, or is it both?

      Just a friendly reminder. It’s NOT 1995 anymore. In the twenty first century crying ‘CONSPIRACY THEORIST’ doesn’t simply make conspiracy / corruption ‘REALITY’ go away,

      Please by all means continue to get your information / intelligence from TV / Radio and the mainstream publications where they have a STAFF grooming ALL the grammatical and spelling errors but, OMIT facts that could help you make a ‘truly’ informed decision.

      I also noted you would side with someone who uses foul language. At least there were NO grammatical errors. Right?

      Comment by nwqfk — July 23, 2010 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

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