From Hell To Veins

March 13, 2010

Parental Concerns About Vaccine Safety

My Comment to Barbara Loe Fisher / Vaccine Awakening


Even big pharma’s partner in crime ‘big pediatrics’ has to admit people are waking up to vaccine dangers. Personally I would question the validity of the results favoring vaccines and it’s part in autism in this survey.

I think it’s worse for the drug pushers than this survey even suggests because, both vaccine Inc. and big government are in an absolute panic that the public’s over all perception of the mutli-Trillion (?) dollar vaccine industry is at an absolute low, as in, ‘hitting rock bottom’ . Such is the panic that Secretary of Health, Kathleen Sebelius blames people like myself and Barbara in particular for the publics perception and begs ‘big media’ NOT to give people like Barbara ANY media coverage CENSORING our point of view in her recent quote printed in ‘Readers Digest’.

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines,”
-Kathleen Sebelius

The science ACTUALLY SHOWS quite the opposite. Just because the ‘glossy printed’ medical rags funded by big pharma REFUSE to print ALL the SCIENCE, does NOT mean there is not plenty of scientific evidence to support vaccine damage and death data. Doctors such as Dr. Blaylock, have spent a lifetime compiling such evidence since the big pahram med journals refuse to. That data exists. It’s just that ‘paid-for’ shills like Kathleen Sebelius don’t want to be bother with it because it would cut into profits and population reduction plans.

Barbara’s years of dedication to vaccine safety of course has woken many people up but, it’s by no means the main reasons people have been becoming very skeptical of the ENTIRE vaccine issue. Big pharma, big medical and big government have been living in their own bubble, their own vacuum, while EVERYONE in the ‘real world’ has to deal with all the vaccine FUBAR’S both past and present.

Below is a quick ‘thumbnail sketch’ WHY the public is becoming, NOT just ‘justifiably’ wary of vaccines but, justifiably wary of the entire ‘system’ that protects big pharma and coddles the vaccine industry in general.

1.) AUTISM. There has NEVER in the history of mankind, EVER been an autism epidemic among adults. We are for the first time in our history as a species, entering that era as the autistic epidemic that struck children for THE FIRST TIME become adults. Don’t worry big pharma will provide the ‘drugs’ to ‘treat’ it.

No matter how many young girls get ‘struck down’ with death, paralysis, seizures, blindness… Both government and the vaccine industry say they see NO PROBLEMS with this vaccine. (Any wonder why GOVERNMENT COURTS rule in favor of drug companies in autism cases?) Everyone in the public sees this horrible vaccine ‘experiment’ unfold like train wreck in slow motion, yet the government’s answer to all of this carnage is to simply ignore it and push EVEN HARDER this dangerous vaccine on younger girls AND NOW, BOYS!!!! All for a vaccine that has never been PROVEN to do what it’s even claimed to do in the first place! If this doesn’t scream ‘out of touch with reality’ I don’t know what does?

This topic and the absolute corruption surrounding it by both big pharma. big government, big media, lettered organizations (CDC / WHO/ FDA) and the entire medical system is so vast, it can in no way be given any kind of justice in a ‘bullet point’. This ridiculous hoax should have seen major accountability by ALL of the above. Yet, no one gets in any kind of trouble and it’s business as usual.

What really has government and big Pharma concerned is that, even with all the flu ‘hysteria’ generated by those mentioned in bullet point 3, record LOW turnout numbers occurred for NOT only the H1N1 shot but, to the surprise of big pharma and government, record low turnout numbers occurred for the seasonal flu shot as well.
This caught the above off guard and let out a really, really big cat out of a bag. That is, over thirty years of studies have shown that the flu vaccine is not only useless at stopping seasonal flu but, it really is effective at ‘spreading’ the flu and it’s virus in the population. The results from this ‘realtime’ experiment that happened by accident (THIS 2009 FLU SEASON) became crystal clear. The lowest recorded flu season happened at the same time the lowest flu shot turnout occurred, verifying the thirty years of research that both government and the medical industry chooses to ignore. They do NOT want the public to become wise to this because it puts the entire ‘theory‘ of vaccines into question.

It’s NOT websites like this or people like Barbara Loe Fisher that have people concerned about vaccines. Big Government, big pharma, and a clueless, spineless medical system are ALL their own worse enemy.


Parental Concerns About Vaccine Safety
By Barbara Loe Fisher
The results of a 2009 survey evaluating the vaccine safety concerns of American parents was recently published in the journal Pediatrics. 1 Out of the approximately 1500 parents, who took the survey, only 23 percent believe that vaccines cause autism in healthy children. But more than half were worried about serious adverse health effects of vaccination. The vast majority said they believe that getting vaccines is a good way to protect children from disease and follow their doctor’s recommendations. Still, more than 30 percent of those surveyed believe that parents should have the right to refuse vaccines that are required for school for any reason.

I am not surprised by these survey results because, since 1982, most parents contacting the National Vaccine Information Center tell us they want to trust what their doctors tell them about vaccination. Mothers and fathers depend upon their doctors to give them good advice; but when the health of their child or a child they know deteriorates after vaccination, 2 parents logically start to ask questions. And when they are belittled or even threatened for asking those questions, 3 4 the relationship between doctor and parent is never the same again.

Parents asking questions about vaccine safety is nothing new. Although in the past decade there has been a focus on whether a mercury preservative in vaccines, perhaps in combination with the MMR vaccine, can cause autism in some children, the public conversation about vaccine risks and flaws in vaccine science and policy began in the early 1980’s. 5 Back then, it was parents of DPT vaccine injured children calling for a less toxic whooping cough vaccine to replace an old one causing brain inflammation, brain damage and death.

We worked with Congress on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, 6 believing that this historic law would provide a safety net for children harmed by vaccines. We believed that the informing, recording and reporting requirements for doctors in that law would reduce the numbers of children, who died or became chronically ill and disabled after vaccination.

Little did we know that – even though $2 billion dollars has been paid to families with vaccine injured children under that law – only one out of three vaccine victims are ever financially compensated. 7 8 This, while drug companies making and selling vaccines have been almost completely protected from product liability. 9 10 Other pharmaceutical products, like Vioxx, 11 are not protected from liability and they are not mandated for school attendance like vaccines. Perhaps that is why there are far more black box warnings on drugs 12 13 than on vaccines. 14

A quarter century after the Vaccine Injury Act was passed, nothing has been done yet to conduct the kind of vaccine science that will give us answers about which children are at higher risk than others for dying or being brain injured by vaccination so their lives can be spared. 15 16 17 Whether industry or government will ever do that good vaccine science 18 is an outstanding question. But that does not mean that we, the people, cannot raise the money to do it. That is why the National Vaccine Information Center is creating an independent vaccine safety research program to study long term health outcomes of those who do and do not get vaccinated. 19

Public trust is fragile. When what the people are being told about vaccine safety does not match what they are experiencing in their own lives, doubt grows and trust fades.

The American public still has fresh memories of the aggressive lobbying campaign for mandatory HPV vaccination of all sixth grade girls. 20 And the 2009 H1N1 swine flu emergency declaration 21 that turned out to be the mildest influenza season in decades, 22 followed by the new federal recommendation that every American from birth has to get a flu shot every year, 23 is also fresh in our memory.

More and more Americans are becoming painfully aware that their medical bills, taxes and health insurance premiums are going up because, today, 1 in 6 highly vaccinated child in America is learning disabled; 1 in 9 has asthma; 1 in 100 develops autism; 1 in 450 becomes diabetic and 7 in 1,000 babies born alive are dying before their first birthday. 24 25 With 69 doses of 16 vaccines being given to children from birth through age 18 26 and hundreds of new vaccines being developed 27 to prevent infectious disease while trillions of dollars are being spent to treat chronic disease, 28 is it any wonder more parents are asking more questions about vaccine safety?

And is it any wonder that more Americans want the legal right to make vaccine choices as drug companies and public health officials encourage legislators to pass laws that electronically track medical records and attach penalties for those who fail to get every government recommended vaccine? 29

There is no more important task before those responsible for ensuring the public health than addressing parental concerns about vaccination with better science and not with better press releases and more mandates.

Please support the work of the National Vaccine Information Center 30 and other parent-led organizations, 30 31 32 33 who have been educating the public for many years about vaccination and health and defending your right to make informed, voluntary vaccine choices for yourself and your children.

Complete Article Sources



  1. Vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise disguised as disease prevention. It’s a gigantic medical experiment without informed consent and without a control group, in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.
    This scam has been inflicted on us for over 200 years, using pseudo-science to pass it off as a legitimate scientific endeavour.

    “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity.”
    Dr Herbert Shelton

    “The further I looked into it, the more shocked I became. I found that this whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors believe that vaccines are useful, but when you look at the proper statistics you will find that this is not so.”
    Dr A Kalokerinos MD, Australia

    “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to show that vaccines have ever prevented any diseases.”
    Dr. Viera Scheibner PhD, Australia

    “Our society is littered with millions of children who have been harmed in one way or another by vaccines. Also, let us not forget th millions of parents who had to watch helplessly as their children’s lives have been destroyed by devastating vaccination programmes.”
    US neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock MD

    “We are slowly but surely destroying the intelligence of our future generations with vaccination. Vaccination is child abuse and a crime against humankind.”
    Dr med Gerhard Buchwald, Germany

    “Do not take any vaccinatons. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the establishment’s biological warfare infections.”
    Dr William D Kelley

    Comment by Erwin Alber — March 14, 2010 @ 3:15 p03 | Reply

    • Great Comment!

      Forced vaccinations ARE a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

      Comment by nwqfk — March 15, 2010 @ 3:15 p03 | Reply

      • I dispute the claim that “Vaccinations can be very useful in maintaining good health and preventing further illnesses…”

        Vaccines have never prevented anything apart from health, sanity and common sense.

        I also dispute the claim that “There is research to back up both sides of benefits and side effects..”

        Vaccines don’t have side-effects; the harm they cause is the ONLY effect they have. It is furthermore an INTENDED effect, the harm they cause being the REAL reason why vaccines are being pushed.

        Comment by Erwin Alber — November 30, 2010 @ 3:15 p11

      • Could not agree more Erwin.

        A viral infection is NOT a snake bite. Viruses DON’T enter the body from a direct passage into the veins of an individual, ‘typically’.

        Why on earth would ANY SANE individual be willing to inject into the veins of not only themselves but, infants and children viruses (many genetically altered AND cancerous) that would have to go through NATURAL IMMUNE BARRIERS before EVER becoming problematic in the first place?

        The so-called ‘non-live’ (attenuated) vaccines are manufactured with heavy metals such as aluminum and poisonous chemicals such as formaldehyde just to get the immune system to react to the vaccine. Which makes absolutely NO SENSE because, the human body exposed to these vaccines is simply reacting to the chemical and toxic metal poisoning AND NOT TO THE VIRAL STRAIN as we are FALSELY told they do.

        Just because a virus does NOT replicate INTO IT’S ‘NON ATTENUATED’ DEADLY VIRAL FORM DOES NOT MEAN THE LAB VIRUS DOES NOT REPLICATE AT ALL TO EFFECT THE BODY WITH SOMETHING JUST AS DANGEROUS. THERE ARE NO TESTING FOR CANCER OR CANCEROUS EFFECTS BY THE VACCINE MANUFACTURES. Live vaccines are even more insane because many times they simply create and spread the disease they are SUPPOSED to be saving humanity from. Which is not hard to figure out yet, the Pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex spends billions on PR to tell the sheeple spreading disease “saves lives.”

        Unlike our spineless doctors / scientists of today (with some few exceptions) and before our medical institutions had been fully usurped by the Rockefeller’s et al big money machine, one of the greatest doctors / scientists of western medicine EVER, Dr. Creighton and fellow medical giants of their day, stood against the medical Inquisition from the Rockefeller circles. They gave scientific proof that the entire vaccination science was a eugenics fraud and that infrastructure and hygiene were PROVEN over thousands of years to be key to fighting disease NOT vaccines. They believed and gave scientific data that all the garbage the vaccine pushers were injecting into the veins of people was what was given rise to cancer. Something unheard of until vaccines came along.

        Their science data EASILY PROVED that NATURALLY building the immune system with a proper diet and clean living environment eliminated most if NOT all disease. Vaccines pollute the body and give rise to MANY medical problems.

        Comment by nwqfk — December 1, 2010 @ 3:15 p12

  2. Dear Parents: Although I am not yet a parent, I feel it my duty and right to share the following stories in an effort to promote and protect parental rights. I am the proud aunt to a sweet nephew who turns two this December. It is beautiful to watch him grow up before my very eyes. He absorbs various mannerisms and behaviors from his loving parents while still maintaining his innate nature of curiosity and cheerfulness. I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead to develop that character. The only thing that truly worries me about his intellectual progression is the risk related to vaccination as he enters the realm of higher education.

    We, the people, have parental rights; and they are being overlooked. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not anti-vaccination or anti-common welfare. My issue with this policy lies in the lack of parental rights being upheld. I recently learned of three stories involving people fighting for similar rights and how the Supreme Court had to side with the parents because their rights took precedence over the state’s interest.

    An educator was convicted of teaching a 10-year-old boy how to read in his native language, German. However, his actions conflicted with a law passed in 1919 that required all public schools in Nebraska to teach English only. The state’s reasoning was that other foreigners would learn to be “Un-American.” The lesson learned here is that the furthering of one’s heritage education lies with the parents not the state.

    In 1972 an Amish community in Wisconsin refused to send their children to school because their religion required the children to begin agricultural training in the community. The parents of these children were taken to court on the grounds of violating a state law requiring children to attend school until the age of 16. The principle addressed in this case was the freedom to rear children in a specific religion is guaranteed to the parents as long as no physical harm is placed on the children or on society.

    A licensed doctor and a director to the organization Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut were convicted of providing contraceptive information, devices and a medical exam to a married couple in 1965. At the time, Connecticut state law considered it a crime to provide any persons(s) with any drug or article to prevent contraception. The main objective here is that according to the Bill of Rights the state violated the law of marital privacy.

    In all three stories parental rights trumped the state’s appetite for control. So, why am I making such a big deal about vaccinations? I agree with and value public health and safety. Vaccinations can be very useful in maintaining good health and preventing further illnesses with the exception of the serious consequences involving autism. There is research to back up both sides of benefits and side effects, but that is not the point. The point is that we the parents should have the right to choose for ourselves. There is a fear that if no one is forced to vaccinate their child or children no one will vaccinate their child or children. But I disagree. Parents love their children. They will continue to care for their health and well-being. We do not need to be forced to make good decisions. We the parents are perfectly capable of making responsible decisions on our own.

    I am not asking for you to agree with me or boycott the system. I just want you to stop and think about how valuable your parental rights are. Does the state have your child’s best interest? If you are willing to forgo your parental rights what are you willing to give up next?

    Comment by Lauren — November 29, 2010 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • Just recently three children were taken away from their parents because they did NOT have their ‘papers’ in PA. One of the most draconian states in the union. The mainstream media ran with the ‘official’ story and painted the parents as evil as evil can be WITHOUT FIRST INTERVIEWING THE VERY PARENTS THEY WEAR SMEARING TO GET A FAIR AND BALANCED STORY.

      The state, without the consent of the parents or even testing or knowing the children’s medical history shot up the children with dangerous vaccines. A reckless and dangerous act with absolute disregard for the children they kidnapped. But that’s how big brother rolls.

      Couldn’t disagree more with your viewpoint on vaccines however, you are spot on with the fact that because America is under the control of collectivists / globalists. the principals of individual liberty (the American system) is being chipped away in the name of THE GREATER GOOD. The ‘greater good’ is ALWAYS beat into our heads to justify tyranny historically by the collectivists. (communists, socialists, fascists)

      Have we NOT learned this from history?

      Comment by nwqfk — November 30, 2010 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

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