From Hell To Veins

March 13, 2010

Federal Court Ruling On Autism = Don’t Vaccinate Your Child or Self!

“The deck is stacked against families in vaccine court,” she said in a telephone interview from her home in Poway, California, about 20 miles north of San Diego. “You have government attorneys defending a government program using government-funded science before government judges. Where’s the justice in that?”

Rebecca Estepp knows all to well now, if you are betrayed by the vaccines, the doctors, the system YOU thought was there to help you, forget it! YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.

Before you pro vaccine people crack open a bottle of champagne and dance in the street with the biggest corporations known to this planet. Think about what Rebecca Estepp is trying to get you to understand. When it comes to getting ‘real’ justice for vaccine injuries It’s worse than a simple card game. It is an all out rout.

The federal and state governments are so tied tightly to the wallet by these drug companies that court rulings such as this one and many others before it, should be stopped before they even start. The ‘conflict of interest’ by the court itself is so blatant that there is no reason to even assume a fair trial can be had. The courts themselves represent ‘agents of and for the defendants’. In this case the drug companies. It’s my understanding for this very reason these trials are unconstitutional from the get go.

The ‘conflict of interest courts‘ are telling CNN in this article that Joe public needs to forget getting justice and believe whatever autism theory the drug companies concoct and MOVE ON. My answer to that is, we need TO MOVE ON in the direction of ‘removing’ the conflict of interest these courts have with the drug companies.

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