From Hell To Veins

March 11, 2010

Taking On Vaccine Inc. More Challenging Then Taking On An Entire Country.


For those who have silly thoughts that myself or ANY other anti-vaccine site is getting ANY funding to do what we do, take a look at what WE THE PEOPLE are up against when it comes to doing ANY battles with Vaccine Inc.

If someone really wanted to do battle with a country like the U.S.A., which by the way, is flat broke and in debt up to it’s hairline, my suggestion is to hire Vaccine Inc. They have to be operating on a near Trillion in cash and have operatives that would fill a number of Smithsonian Institutes. That’s what WE THE PEOPLE are up against.

The very people who DICTATED that the World Health Organization raise it’s pandemic level to it’s highest level for mild flu strains to 6, causing needless panic in the world’s populations are holding their 10 year conference.

See what kind of Goliath WE THE PEOPLE of this planet are up against when it comes to Vaccine accountability!

Here is just the shortlist of ‘sponsors’….

Venture Capitalists
Investment Banks (Think Central Banks / Think Derivatives)
Equipment Providers
Delivery technology manufacturers
Vaccine Technology Platforms
Regional Development Agencies
Packaging/Cold Chain and Logistics
Law Firms (Enough lawyers to fill cruise ships, and they do!)

They left out Big Government and their ball and chain Big Military.

Read the list of participants it’s like the Who’s Who of Big Pharma! AND WE’RE THE ONES GETTING MONEY!!!!?


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