From Hell To Veins

February 2, 2010

Dr. Wakefield, The New Dr. Bernice Eddy Case

Will it be any number of years before Dr. Wakefield is vindicated just as Dr. Bernice Eddy was when she was dragged through a similar kangaroo court of opinion when her FACTS threatened the MYTH of the 1950’s polio vaccine?

The corporate media is having a ‘field day’ with The General Medical Council’s ‘ruling’ that Dr. Wakefield fudged data on the connection between vaccines and autism. What corporate media doesn’t inform the general public on what THEY call a “court decision” is that the General Medical Council IS NOT A COURT OF LAW. As Barbra Loe Fisher accurately describes this so-called court:
“The General Medical Council does not operate a legal court of law; it is rather a medical court of opinion, where doctors can sanction other doctors and, in effect, hang their own.” If people really looked at this so called ‘court’ I believe they would find it less credible than Dr. Wakefield et al.

Since we really don’t know what ‘evidence’ was ALLOWED to be presented and which was not, there is only one thing the Wakefield case and many others like it prove. That is, historically, if any professional challenge the RELIGION of vaccines it becomes as carrier suicidal as it once was for professionally demonstrating the earth is round in the galileo area.

If people look at the ‘historic record’ ever since the likes of the Rockefeller and, other such notable family names, take over of what can be called today ‘the medical industrial complex’ one can see over and over vaccines get treated with kid gloves like no other drug. The pharmacological era of health care is more responsible for death on mankind then all the diseases had ever killed, with MAYBE the exception of the black death itself, but modern medicine is closing in fast on that one as well!

Funny there are NO REAL courts holding those accountable who hold major stock in pharmaceutical companies that tell the CDC / WHO to ‘fudge’ pandemic levels for profit. It’s hilarious that pregnant women are encouraged by this same ‘system’ that persecuted Dr. Wakefield, to take an H1N1 vaccine, where it’s own insert clearly tells them not to and that shot kills that baby!! Yet, all we get instead is, historic denial and golden promises that vaccines could never in a billion years hurt a fly.

If there were such a just court Dr. Wakefield would not only be vindicated but the mass attention on him would quickly be shifted to the guilty. Dr. Blaylock has had in his possession for quite sometime the actual minuets for an international virologists symposium with the main topic of discussion being how mercury causes autsim. Yes, you see the same ‘establishment’ that is persecuting Dr. Wakefield knows full and well the mercury autism connection. The really bad news for the public is that mercury is only the tip of the vaccine / autism and many other dangers problematic iceberg.

The high priests of the vaccine religion are mistakenly using the Wakefield kangaroo court verdict as some sort of a ‘case closed’ victory on the dangers of vaccines. Problem for them is 1.) The science against vaccines continues to mount and it goes far beyond anything Wakefield had worked on back in the 1990’s. 2.) The H1N1 vaccine scandal won’t go away regardless of this media circus on Wakefield. 3.) Probably the biggest blow for the vaccine religion is that health consumers are treating vaccines, AS THEY SHOULD, like any other health product on the market and are simply saying no “thank you”. As the high priests of vaccines found out during the H1N1 scandal, that’s one right the public will NOT have taken away from them anytime soon!


  1. There are always some people who see conspiracies where there are none.

    Didn`t the original Lancet report state that there was no proven link between the vaccine and autism? If so why are you so sure there is a link?

    Nothing is ever 100% safe, so some side effects will happen. However we do not live in a vacuum. If people were not vaccinated there would be more deaths and illness. That is a fact since “routine” illnesses 100+ years ago are largely gone (TB, Polio etc)

    Comment by Mike — February 3, 2010 @ 3:15 p02 | Reply

    • Funny you would say “seeing a conspiracy where none is present” Mike. I say funny because, wasn’t it the so-called ‘court’ that felt it was Dr. Wakefield who was ‘conspiring’ to put out fraudulent data? I also find it funny you would think the medical establishment and, their partner in crime the pharmacological industrial complex, could in no possible way conspire against the public. Even thought THE HISTORIC RECORD paints a much different story over and over.

      I’m sure there is a link between autism and mercury because the worlds top virologists know there is a link and have discussed it thoroughly. See Blaylock minuets linked in article. Why do these people, the companies they work for, keep such info OUT of public view? Could a public backlash never seen before on industry and government be motivation enough? Think about it.

      Your unscientific claim that these vaccines have rid the first world from all the diseases claimed is wrong for several reasons. First of all the historic record clearly shows that the diseases you mentioned were already ‘virtually’ wiped out by proper infrastructure and nutrition long before the vaccines were readily available. Walt Disney’s ‘Wheel of Progress’ celebrated this FACT and vaccines were NOT apart of his World’s Fair Expo. Second, vaccine immunization ADMITTED by the scientists that support it say it only lasts a maximum of 5 years. For decades the U.S. and other populations where vaccine induced immunization occurred were in fact NOT IMMUNE to the very diseases you mentioned but, in all those decades NEVER was there an epidemic. This FACT alone blows a hole right through the vaccine claim.

      Polio is NOT gone. You better check the ‘historic record’. First of all it was renamed and reclassified A FEW TIMES dating as far back as the mid 1960’s when it was discovered the vaccines themselves were giving rise to polio exceeding the pandemic. This has been clinically confirmed in third world countries where there NEVER were polio cases UNTIL the vaccine was introduced. The other problem with the 1950’s – early 1960’s oral polio vaccine was the SV 40 cancer virus epidemic. This has been scientifically confirmed in many studies and this same cancer virus is being passed down to ‘grand children’ of the original oral polio vaccine recipients. Cancer by vaccine a gift that keeps on giving.

      We may not have the disease we once had but, we NOW have cancer in EPIDEMIC LEVELS in kids where cancer was virtually non existent BEFORE these massive vaccine schedules. As a matter of fact MOST doctors between the 1850’s through the early 1900’s( WHEN ALL WERE STILL INDEPENDENT from state boards, institutions and big pharma) agreed vaccines were in fact behind cancer rates because they never saw cancer UNTIL the vaccinated contracted it.

      Vaccines are a health product like any other and should be left to the ‘health consumer’ as to take them or not.

      Comment by nwqfk — February 3, 2010 @ 3:15 p02 | Reply

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