From Hell To Veins

November 4, 2009

Policy Makers At The CFR Radio Blog On How To Sell A Lie.

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For those who have never heard of the Council On Foreign Relations this is an organization that when they say JUMP your so-called representatives say… “HOW HIGH”!! When this think tank makes a ‘suggestion’ to presidents / Congress it usually becomes a VERY UNPOPULAR law of the nation. The following video was made from excerpts taken from the ‘radio blog’ of the CFR. This particular symposium was drafted to figure out how to hoodwink an UNWILLING population on taking vaccines for a virus THEY THEMSELVES ADMIT is extremely mild. One of their solutions is to CREATE ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY by holding off the vaccine AND LETTING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DO THE FEAR MONGERING.

You should ask why so much effert to push vaccines into the populations veins?

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  1. […] this vaccine. Once the eugenists figured out THEIR SCAM did work the Council On Foreign Relations developed a disinfo campaign to ‘create the illusion’ that there was a ‘huge demand’ for the vaccine and […]

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