From Hell To Veins

September 1, 2009


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When the pro-vaccine people attack the GROWING number of us who have put in a great deal of time and research on vaccines / vaccination please bring these FACTS and ask… Why would you let THEM put GOD KNOWS WHAT in your veins when…

1.)Most Bad Outcome Reports Merck (and other vaccine manufactures) Files FDA Can’t Analyze.

This is a policy NOT a ‘freak’ occurrence. No investigations makes litigation awfully hard.

2.) Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, it is a federal legal requirement for any person – a doctor, nurse or any person who gives a vaccination in America.

Ask ANY HONEST doctor or coroner how ‘easy’ it is to do this. Question that vaccines MAY have caused injury / death and face an onslaught of attacks from the ‘medical boards’ (that have of course direct ties to the very manufactures of these vaccines) and see how fast your practice is suspended while you’re tied up in court. This is also ‘STANDARD’ procedure NOT a once in a while occurrence.

3.) Massive Underreporting of Vaccine Bad Outcomes

FDA and CDC officials admit that there is underreporting of vaccine-related bad health outcomes.


4.) Closed Government Databases Used to Deny Vaccine Risks.

Kind of hard to have a database that has VERY LITTLE data in it to begin with, but even the trickle of information contain within this data base would certainly bring down the house of cards on vaccines and open many doors who those in control of our government don’t want the public to know. We should FOIA this data base en masse.

5.) Will H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Risks Be Hidden From Public?

ALL vaccine risks ARE hidden from the people. Read ALL the above. Why would this vaccine be ANY different? People need to ask… Why am I getting a vaccine for something THAT IS NOT THE SWINE FLU in the first place. ASK… Why this H1N1 virus being called by the CDC a ‘novel’ H1N1 virus and NOT a swine flu virus? Because it is a hybrid virus with a Swine flu component to it. This is NOT swine flu therefor the vaccine is useless.

A lot of time has passed since the Mexico April 2009 outbreak that ‘kicked off’ this entire global pandemic fraud to begin with. The Mexican virus WAS verified as an avian, swine and human hybrid virus. At first the FACT was being denied adamantly and categorically by the establishment, by both universities and the mainstream media, two outlets controlled by big pharma. When they could no longer continue the LIE the same ramped up the spin on this to date denying this could have ONLY occurred in a lab. Never the less. giving someone a ‘swine flu’ shot for a hybrid avian / human combo virus isn’t going to work plain and simple.

6.) No Way To Monitor H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects In Schools.

You better get this one through your head quick. If little Tommy / Sally gets the shot and comes down sick these ‘International Pandemic Conferences’ (linked on this blog) have already held workshops on taking YOUR kid to some quarantine camp where they will surely be counted as a ‘pandemic casualty’ and NOT A VACCINE CASUALTY. They have also held workshops for morgue detail and crematory procedures. Do you really think autopsies will be an option? Think again!

7.) What Public Health Emergency?
Hillary Clinton and others have said it best… NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WAIST. It’s your life, your veins, you better sober up fast people and SEE what’s going on around you.

8.) Doctors & Drug Companies Shielded From Liability Ignoring the Law.

Says it ALL right there. Who wants to be a guinea pig during an emergency? Remember, THEY never let a crisis go to waist.

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