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July 17, 2009

Jane Burgermeister Retraction

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Give Alex Jones Credit for NOT jumping on the Jane Burgermeister band wagon LIKE I DID.

This forced vaccine issue coming up, no matter the finger pointing, IS THE CONER STONE FOR NEXT 911 AND NOT AN OVER HYPE OF THE SWINE FLU.

As it turns out Jane Burgermeister is a disciple of the carbon credit preaching ‘Nature Magazine’. Odd someone from the dark side, out of the clear blue air, would all of the sudden do an about face march and file a EUGENICS lawsuit.

Dr. Deagle is correct when stating “when filing a suit it MUST be filed properly. Attorneys taking their time to file a PROPER LAW SUIT have been vilified by Burgermeister as of late. Again odd to say the least.

.What is going on is crystal clear. The bad guys are trying to distract YOU from the government forced vaccine issue and have you do as I am doing now by focusing on ALL the infighting.

Dr. Deagle is correct. A proper suit must be filed.

Question: Will it actually happen, and will Jane Burgermeister’s suit become the next FEMA RAIL STATION STRAW MAN?


  1. Get this: Jane Burgermeister censored me on her own blog for trying to defend her against Dr. Deagle’s accusations. That censorship certainly woke me up. Jane is either too stupid or too paranoid to understand the contents of my post, which were supportive. After this I will no longer support her. She clearly does not want my support. And yes, Alex Jones deserves credit for not jumping on the band-wagon like the rest of us who did.

    Comment by Nono — August 4, 2009 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

    • She attacks everybody. Her gig has certainly ran it’s course. She most likely was sent into cyber space as some sort of trial balloon.

      Comment by nwqfk — September 1, 2009 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply


    The beautiful thing about being a hypocrite is you’re never wrong.

    Jane I sincerely MUST thank you on behalf of the Deagle team. By consistently targeting team members in your blogs, emails, interviews, and other public statements, you are unwittingly ADDING to our cause by advertising our group to your audience – and *some* of your listeners are actually doing the research, and are finding out the truth, and are now listening to the NutriMedical Report and are reading this blog. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NEGATIVE PR. So again, thanks! Keep up the good work! Feel free to let me know if I can assist you more.

    Folks, lets review a bit. For anyone who is NOT up to speed about the REAL truth of this so-called independent journalist called Jane – please read all my earlier posts, which include submissions from Dr A True Ott and emails written to and from him by Citizen Jane herself. The evidence is all there. Jane is a fraudulent narcissist – at the very least.

    Next – let’s review our venue here. This is a BLOG. According to the 1st amendment here in America, which for the moment still exists, I am free to say ANYTHING I FRIGGIN WANT – whether you like it or not. And Jane B and her hypnotized group of followers sucking her tit have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to complain about what I say here. NONE. They can do what I do and blog all they want. You all go on with your bad selves.

    And finally – let’s discuss the issue of THREAT.

    The definition of threat in the dictionary is:
    1. a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course; menace: He confessed under the threat of imprisonment.
    2. an indication or warning of probable trouble: The threat of a storm was in the air.
    3. a person or thing that threatens.

    OK so let’s say you’re Johnny and you live down the block from me. If I make a statement to the effect of “I am coming down to Johnny’s house this afternoon to punch him in the face” – then I’d say that qualifies as a threat, because the imminence is stated plus the fact I live closeby to this person.

    Now let’s say you live in Vienna and I make a statement to the effect that if you don’t stop your lying in public about medical and legal professionals, plagiarizing their work, and making false statements about filing “charges” on behalf of Americans, that we are coming for you with legal action, there is no way in hell this is a threat. It is a PROMISE. And we DO mean business.

    Again there is no reason why any of the team members deserve such slander and ridicule – they did nothing to hurt you (Jane), they only welcomed you with open arms in good faith into their group for a short time, trusting that you in return were acting in the same spirit of good faith. One by one, as team members each in turn found out the reverse to be true, you were summarily removed from the team by a unanimous vote.

    You are up to your ASS in alligators sweetie-pie.

    And you deserve every minute of it.

    My advice to you is stop while you’re ahead, apologize publicly to those whom you’ve slandered and lied about, tell the TRUTH about your so-called charges and the timeline of your experience since April, and then STOP interfering with those doing the actual work on behalf of Americans – you FOREIGNER.

    Wake up folks, who you gonna trust – a foreign so-called journalist or a mostly-American team of highly decorated seasoned professionals from the pathology, legal, and medical fields? I dunno bout you folks, but to me it’s a no-brainer.

    Again: this team of honest dedicated Truthists making contributions to this effort consists of Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM, Dr A True Ott PhD ND, Dr. Rebecca Carley MD, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny DO, Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein MD JD, Alexander S. Jones formerly of the NIH, Dr. August Evangelista PhD., Ingri Cassel, Dr Russell Rowen MD, Ronald MacDonald, Tim Alexander Earl of Sterling, Dr Fred Graves JD, Alexander Backman reporting from Mexico, Gary Matsumoto, Stewart Rhodes founder of Oathkeepers, myself, and others.

    Message to Jane: you are NOT the gatekeeper. There is no “I” in TEAM.

    And there is no “you” in this team. Please stop your shenanigans.

    Comment by labvirus — August 9, 2009 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

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